Cross country heads to NCAA West Regionals

San Jose, Calif.---The Spartan women’s cross country team will compete at the NCAA West Regional Cross Country Championships, Saturday, Nov. 12 at Stanford. The top three runners from the men’s team will also compete. The men will run in the 10k race at 11 am and the women will run in the 6k race at 12:15 p.m. After finishing third in the Western Athletic Conference championships, the women’s team will take all seven of its top runners. The competitors include:

Jr. Tiffany Hall (best time of 17:52.40 at UC Riverside Invitational) So. Erica Sahli (best time of 18:03.37 at Santa Clara Invitational) So. Marlene Elizalde (best time of 18:41.84 at Santa Clara Invitational) Sr. DeLong (best time of 18:55.31 at Santa Clara Invitational) Jr. Heather Laptalo (best time of 18:34.97 at Santa Clara Invitational) Jr. Tabitha Guzman (best time of 19:23.40 at Santa Clara Invitational) So. Allison Stiller (best time of 19:07.72 at Santa Clara Invitational)

The men’s team will take its top three runners:

Jr. Mobin Ghoury (best time of 25:32.87 at Santa Clara Invitational) Jr. Jose Burrola-Diaz (best time of 26:24.04 at Santa Clara Invitational) Jr. Josh Courtney (best time of 26:21.72 at Santa Clara Invitational)

There’s no specific qualifying time for the NCAA Regional Championships. Thirty-six teams compete in the West Region. It’s up to the coaches as to whether they want to take their entire team, or just specific individuals. Given that the women’s team finished in the top half of the conference at the WAC Championships, head coach Augie Argabright elected to take the entire team. Ghoury was the top Spartan finisher at the WAC Championships, taking seventh place and earning a spot on the all-WAC first team. “This is the best team we’ve ever had,” Argabright said. “We’re the only team competing in the West Region that does not have a track team, so if we could beat some of the teams that do have a track team, that would be really outstanding.