Women Win Cross Country-Only National Championship

Edwardsville Ill At the “Cross Country-Only” National Championships at Saint Louis University, the San Jose State women’s team claimed their first team title for the 2005 season. The Spartan’s had all seven runners place in the top-11 Saturday, September 24. It was also a great day for junior Tiffany Hall who also won her second meet for the 2005 season.

“This was a great win for our team and school and for Tiffany Hall. We have only touched the surface,” said head coach Augie Argabright.

Hall finished in first place for the second time this season with a time of 22:17.78. She was also the WAC runner week after winning the UC Davis Invitational.

“I am so happy our team won, it just shows how great our program and our coach is. All the girls put in a lot of hard work and dedication in the off season,” said champion Tiffany Hall.

Hall was followed by her teammate sophomore Erica Sahli who finished in second place with a time of 22:33.47. Heather Laptalo finished in 4th place with a time of 23:27, Allison Stiller finished 5th, Marlene Elizalde finished in 6th. Judy DeLong and Rebecca Plam were 9th and 11th.

San Jose State finished in first place with 18 points flowed by Creighton University with 54. Host Saint Louis had 66 points placing 3rd and in fourth place was University of Tennessee at Martin with 111 points.

2005 Cross Country-Only Invitational Edwardsville, Ill. 6k

Women’s Team scores: 1. SJSU, 54. 2. Creighton, 54. 3. Saint Louis, 66. Tennessee at Martin, 111.

Women’s top finishers: 1. Tiffany Hall (SJSU) 22:17.78. 2. Erica Sahli (SJSU) 22:33.47. 3. Angela Fisher (Creighton) 22:54.76. 4. Heather Laptalo (SJSU) 23:27.42. 5. Allison Stiller (SJSU) 23:30.77.

SJSU finishers 1. Tiffany Hall, 22:17.78. 2. Erica Sahli, 22:33.47. 4.Heather Laptalo.23:27.42. 5. Allison Stiller 23:30.77. 6. Marlene Elizalde, 23:37.90. 9. Judy DeLong, 23:46.70. 11. Rebecca Palm, 23:59.97.