K&T Volleyblog

Hi Spartan Fans!

We're leaving this week for our last couple of WAC matches on the road against Idaho and Boise. The season has been long, having had the rough road that we did from preseason to now, but with great benefit.

Our team has competed against some of the best teams in the nation prior to the WAC season. Going into these matches, we knew that we were going to have to "learn quickly", a motto our team lived by, because we are so young in experience. With the first couple of matches we played, we had five freshmen on the court at one time, so right off the bat, the freshmen gained some experience on the colligate volleyball court.

There were glimpses of amazing talent within our team and inspirational performances that showed us we could be great if we allowed ourselves to play that way. There was no doubt that our team had a huge amount of talent, but it was a matter of putting that talent out on the court all at once and having the team play its best and not just individuals playing their best, at different times.

Going into season was still exciting even though we didn't come out with a single win during our preseason. Our WAC matches didn't seem like they were going to be easy, but I felt that we were well prepared, having finished our tough preseason schedule. And so WAC started. No wins came out of our season either, until we played Louisiana Tech at home in our Spartan Gym. That win couldn't have come sooner for us. And now, we're hoping for the best out of these last few games.

Even though it hasn't been a winning season, this year, our team has grown so much. We have freshmen with a lot of talent, sophomores with a lot of drive, and juniors with a lot of experience. They all know how well they can play and what it takes to play that well. Next year will be a new year for the team, and there will be a solid core of girls that will return with experience, and I think they will do great.

As for this week and next week, we're going to go out hard, especially us seniors, in our last WAC matches against Idaho and Boise and then Fresno, at home next Thursday. We hope to see you all there!

Go Spartans!