20 Questions With Kelly Crow

Junior outside hitter Kelly Crow took time between classes and workouts to answer some interesting questions about herself and her sport.

1. One word to describe yourself: Energetic, I am always going 24 hours a day.

2. Currently listening to: Britney Spears

3. Favorite song of all-time: Look After You by The Fray

4. Favorite artist/music group: Nickelback

5. Favorite actor and his movie: Vince Vaughn & Wedding Crashers

6. Biggest fear: Rat tails. I just hate rats and my teammates always act like they are running across me.

7. Favorite cartoon/character: Tom & Jerry.

8. Favorite food: My mom’s homemade croutons. They are not like any store-bought croutons. The whole team is hooked on them.

9. Best part of road trips: Team bonding. We sing in the car, make up dances, take pictures and have some fun in our off time.

10. Toughest place to play in the WAC: Idaho. The crowd is brutal and right on top of you in the match.

11. Hobbies: Singing and Dance Dance Revolution.

12. Favorite Talk Show: Ellen DeGeneres.

13. Favorite Class at San Jose State: ASL (American Sign Language). It was just entertaining every day and learning another way to communicate.

14. Why did you pick liberal studies as your major?
I want to be a teacher, probably first or second grade. I love kids. Plus, my mom has worked in the school district. When I was in high school, I took classes where I could go and work with kids at the elementary school. I enjoyed working with the kids.

15. Favorite place on campus: Tower Hall fountains where you can just hang out.

16. Favorite thing about volleyball:
There is not one favorite thing. I love everything about it or else I wouldn’t be playing, especially for this long.

17. Highlight of sports career: Playing the championship game of the 2004 Junior Olympics in Salt Lake City.

18. Being an athlete makes me a better person because: It teaches you to be disciplined and responsible. It helps you with almost every aspect in life including time management. It is almost like having a boss and then do your tasks and work with others to reach your goal.

19. Most influential people in your life: My parents. They got me started with volleyball and helped me set goals since I started playing volleyball at 10-years-old.

20. Why does the team wear pink ribbons in their hair during matches? Brittany (Collet) got them for us. It is something cute and girlie, but we all have something on our jerseys for team unity. Some of us wore ribbons, but they were all the same.

This week’s 20 Questions was brought to you by The Grill On The Alley.

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