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Hello Spartan Fans!!

The past two weeks has been quite busy. We were in Hawaii the previous weekend and we had three home games last week. The trip to Hawaii was a one game road trip. We left on a Thursday, and came back on Sunday. Our main purpose going there was to play a match, not to have fun. This was my last time playing in Hawaii, so it was pretty exciting for me. It was also exciting for my teammates Kristal, Alex, and Caitlin. This was Kristal's last time, but it was Alex and Caitlin's first time playing in front of their home crowd. So it was special for the three of them.

Anyhow, we landed at about 12 p.m. on Thursday in Honolulu, waited for our vans and went straight to lunch at a place called Rainbows. The food was great, and everyone was stuffed. We then head right over to University of Hawaii for our 3 o'clock practice. Afterwards we checked in to our hotel, showered and went to eat dinner. We all were pretty beat that day, so we just went to bed after dinner to prepare ourselves for the match on Friday. Our match was at 7 o'clock in Hawaii, but 10 o'clock our time.

It was a tough crowd to play in front of, since there were about 4,000 people watching. Hawaii was ranked 4th at the time we played them. We didn't play as well as we did, but it was definitely a great experience for our freshmen and transfers. After the game some of our teammates went home with their families and the rest of us were on our own for dinner. After dinner, some of us went for a walk on the beach. The water felt like it was 85 degrees. It was awesome! Since we played on Friday, and didn't leave until Sunday, we had the entire Saturday to ourselves. A bunch of us went paddling Saturday morning. My teammates and I, besides Kristal, have never done it before so it was super fun. We doubled up on a board, so it was hard to stand on the board and balance while paddling. Although I drank salt water a couple of times, it was extremely a great experience! Our team just hung out the rest of the day enjoying our time in Hawaii. That evening we went to Alex's house for dinner. There was soo much food, and her family was awesome! We spent the night getting to know her family, while dancing and having a fun time with each other. It was a great team bonding!

Last week we played three matches, Sacramento Sate, New Mexico State, and Louisiana Tech. We played all three matches really well and finally got our W against Louisiana Tech. It was a really good five game match. This win couldn't have come any faster; it was a needed win for all of us! The confidence level on our team is on the rise, and hopefully we will come back with two wins this weekend. We are headed to Louisiana and New Mexico for our two-match trip.

Thanks to everyone who came out and watched our three matches this week at home. We really appreciate all the support! Hope to see you everyone there in two weeks when we are back at home!




Hi Spartan Fans!

We got our first win on Saturday against Louisiana Tech!  Now we're back on the road to play Louisiana Tech and New Mexico State.  This road trip usually ends up being the longest of our road trips just because we travel far to Louisiana and then to New Mexico, and there's not much to see in either place.

Playing at Louisiana Tech is similar to playing in our own gym, where it's not too big.  Playing at New Mexico State is a lot different; there is a lot more fans that come and they gym is a lot bigger.  Playing on the road can be tough, especially on the longer trips like this one.

Hopefully we can bring back a couple of wins!