K & T Volleyblog Edition #3

Hi Spartan Fans!

This week we're off to my homeland...Hawaii!!! We leave on Thursday for Hawaii to play the University of Hawaii Friday night. It already feels weird to me that we're going this early in the season to play there. Usually, we go down to Hawaii much later in our season, and I always have something to look forward to. On top of going so early, it is my last time going home to play in front of my friends and family. That's probably the weirdest part.

Every time a new season comes around, I look forward to getting to go home and play. After leaving and being gone for so long, it's always such a good feeling to be back where you grew up, and I also get to be back where I grew up doing what I love. I've been around volleyball pretty much my whole life, and in Hawaii, there is such a big volleyball community. So when I go back to play, it's in front of a lot of old teammates, rivals, and coaches, even referees. There are also a lot of "aunties and uncles" that have been watching volleyball for a very long time, and I've met them by watching a lot of UH volleyball when I was younger. So going home has a huge welcoming feeling.

I think a lot of the girls will agree that when we go to Hawaii to play we are definitely shown the Aloha spirit. The fans in Hawaii know the game of volleyball very well, and they will cheer for any team that comes in and puts on a good show. They will also boo the refs for making bad calls, whether it is for or against UH. When the game is over, the "aunties" always have something special for us. They make leis for each of us to have and bring back to San Jose. I think that's something really special that you won't get anywhere else.

The thing I probably look forward to the most when we go down to Hawaii is the beach. I look forward to seeing my family and friends, but I'm not going to lie, I totally miss the beach when I'm in San Jose. I use to go to the beach every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in high school, when I didn't have volleyball, because I live so close to it. The beaches here in California just don't compare. The water is freezing here, even down South, and it is really dirty. You definitely learn to appreciate the beaches in Hawaii when you see the beaches elsewhere.

I'm excited to go home and play for the last time. I don't think it'll feel any different, but it might. I just can't believe how fast my senior year has come. All of this makes me super excited for Alex and Caitlin because it's only their first time getting to play at this level at home. I hope we're able to put on a great show for the Hawaii fans because they definitely enjoy good volleyball, and we love playing it.

We'll be seeing our own Spartan fans in a week when we're back at home to play three matches against Sac State, New Mexico State, and Louisiana Tech.

Go Spartans!