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Spartan Fans!

So we started the WAC off with two home matches against Idaho and Boise. It was such a great feeling to finally play at home, but not just play at home, play for a great crowd of fans. I think the fans made these games. The energy and excitement from the crowd made it even more exciting on the court. Losing at home is never fun, especially when the crowd is so awesome! But our two losses over this past week were tough, and they have only shown us what we can do well and what we still need to work on.

It can be tough to play on the road at times because you don't have those fans behind you for support and even to heckle the other team. Instead, you're the one getting heckled and booed. This week we're heading to Utah State to play our first WAC match on the road. It can be tough playing in Utah's gym because it is a lot bigger than ours, and playing there will definitely be a change for some of the freshman, but nothing they can't handle. We'll have a tough week of practice, but hopefully we'll come home with a win.

I hope everyone keeps continuing to come and support us. There's no better feeling than playing for an enthusiastic crowd.

Go Spartans!

Hello Spartan Fans!

We were finally home this past weekend! We opened up our WAC matches with Idaho and Boise. Everyone was excited to be able to play at home, since we have been traveling for the past four weeks. Playing at home is just much easier, because we know our gym, and we are comfortable with it. There was a big crowd Thursday night against Idaho and also a pretty good turn out Saturday against Boise, despite how hot our gym was. But to be honest, our gym is ALWAYS hot.  But yes, the crowd was phenomenal this weekend! It’s always fun to play at home in front of fans that are enthusiastic and supportive of our sport.

Although, the outcome of the two matches were not in our favor, we have learned a lot about ourselves and each other through these two losses. We can only move forward and get better each day at practice, and support each other along the way.

We are heading to Utah on Wednesday for one match on Thursday and turning around to go back to San Jose on Friday. This is a really short trip, but a tough one. It’s hard to play away from home because you, the fans are not with us! Utah’s gym is always cold, so we must adjust quickly to the weather.  We will do our best to come back with a W.

I want to thank all the fans that came to our games this past week. Special thanks to: Water Polo, Gymnastics, and Men’s Soccer, for supporting your fellow athletes. If I miss any team I’m sincerely sorry. We really appreciate all the support and will do the same for you.  Until next time GO SPARTANS!


T. Pham