Tyanna Roy's Blog From Europe

July 15, 2015

Tyanna Roy checks in with Spartan fans during her trip to Europe with the Mountain West Global Challenge All-Star team.  Here is her blog from last week, arriving in Europe and getting ready for this week's Global Challenge.

Day 1

The airlines lost mine and one of my teammates bags! Hopefully they find them soon! Good thing I packed the main things I needed in my carry on bag.  No worries because I'M IN EUROPE! 

Everything is so different here. Austria started out dry, but, when we crossed into Slovenia, it was very green and beautiful.  The houses are all so cute with red roofs and so spread apart. I want to go to sleep on this long ride, but because the scenery is so beautiful, I don't want to miss anything.  

One fun fact: We passed Arnold Schwarzenegger's huge house!

The balls used for international volleyball are much different than what I am used to.  I really feel like I needed to push the ball hard to target.  Usually, my angles can do a lot of the work, but I really have to work on getting my body on the ball and keeping my head down. As time goes on, I am sure I'll get the hang of it.

Our hotel is awesome with a full gym inside! We practice and play in our hotel, something I have never seen before.  There are two full courts and a small indoor soccer field.  One thing that I definitely have to get used to is the small twin beds we have to sleep on.  Apparently in Europe, hotels do not have Full or Queen beds.  I'm sure some of these extremely tall volleyball player's feet are hanging off the edge. I can't wait for this week of volleyball overseas. 

Day 3

We went on a HUGE ski lift with an awesome view!  Then we went down the best slide EVER! I took a video which is pretty funny.  The slide goes so fast zig-zagging across the whole mountain.   

End of Slovenia Friendly Games:

We played Israel National Team, Italian Junior National Team, and a Slovenian U17 team.  The game is played a lot different here.  The sets are much higher, so we had to adjust our timing on the block even more.  One thing that we are not used to is playing older girls.  Some of the girls on the national teams were 30 years old! They have so much experience and knowledge about the game.  I have so much respect for them as players and I cannot wait to play them again in Croatia.  They were such great competition to get us ready for Croatia because we have only been practicing together for two days.  I am so excited to see how we progress and adjust to the teams we play.  

More to come as we play more games in the European Global Challenge Tournament!