Personal Bests Abound For Spartans At Bulldog Invitational

At the Bulldong Invitaional, Diana Orozco became the first Spartan to compete in the 3000 Meters.

April 26, 2014

Clovis, Calif. – Fourteen San José State track and field athletes toed the starting line Saturday afternoon in the Bulldog Invitational and seven crossed the finished line with personal best times.

“We keep improving,” said assistant coach Brad Wick.  “We saw a bunch of PRs today and competed really well.  We’ll continue to sharpen up and get ready for the Mountain West meet in a couple of weeks.”

Allison Kimura cut more than 16 seconds off her personal best in the 3000-Meter Steeplechase with a 12:07.53 and finished in second place in the event. Nina Sassano trimmed more than 15 seconds off her PR with 12:37.58. Breanna Garcia crossed the line in 13:00.59.

Five Spartans competed in the 100 Meters with two finishing in season best times: Madison Fowler (13.98) and Jennifer Topps (16.62).  Madiha Raza was the quickest of the San Jose State sprinters with a 13.25.  Raven Adams and Joetta Hall finished at 14.50 and 14.76, respectively.

In the 200 Meters, Fowler cut more than two second off her best time with a 29.02 and Raza lowered her best by more than half a second, with a 26.98.  Adams, in her first race at the distance, crossed the line in 29.89 seconds. 



Diana Orozco is the first runner to compete in the 800 Meters for San Jose State.  She ran a 2:39.91 and finished in the top-10.

Rebecca Garcia, in her first 1500 Meters of the season, was the quickest Spartan finishing in 4:52.23.  Melanie Fujiwara cut just over two seconds off her best time with a 4:55.08 and Marissa Buckley finished in 5:26.97.  Both Garcia and Fujiwara finished in the top-5.

Karina Nunes and Jenay Jauregui became the first to compete in the 3000-Meters for the Spartans.  Nunes had a top-10 finish with an 11:08.43 and Jauregui crossed the line in 11:21.13.

“Individually, I thought Allison (Kimura), Melanie (Fujiwara) and Madhia (Raza) had really good days,” Wick added.  “They really ran well among a lot of good performances for the team.”

Today’s races are the last for San José State in the regular season.  The Spartans return to the track at the Mountain West Championships from May 14-17 in Laramie, Wyo.

Bulldog Invitational

Veterans Memorial Stadium, Clovis, Calif.

April 26, 2014

100 Meters – 1. Marie Veale (Cal State Northridge) 11:57, 2. Monay Meegs (UNLV) 11.82, 3. Chiza Eze (Cal State Northridge) 11.99.  San José State: 18. Madiha Raza 13.25, 23. Madison Fowler 13.98, 26. Raven Adams 14.50, 27. Joetta Hall 14.76, 28. Jennifer Topps 16.62


200 Meters – 1. Marie Veale (Cal State Northridge) 23.37, 2. Monay Meegs (UNLV) 23.97, 3. Njeri Owawahleh (Fresno State) 24.09.  San José State: 27. Madiha Raza 26.98, 23. Madison Fowler 29.02, 26. Raven Adams 29.89

800 Meters – 1. Kyra Johnson (Fresno State) 2:12.27, 2. Arianna Mariscal (CSU Bakersfield) 2:14.76, 3. Alyson DeLaRosa (Fresno State) 2:18.22.  San José State: 9. Diana Orozco 2:39.91

1500 Meters – 1. Carina Mendoza (Unattached) 4:43.85, 2. Heather Shaw-Hernandez (UNLV) 4:47.55, 3. Taylor Samson (Fresno State) 4:50.63.  San José State: 4. Rebecca Garcia 4:52.23, 5. Melanie Fujiwara 4:55.08, 10. Marissa Buckley 5:26.97

3000 Meters – 1. Carina Mendoza (Unattached) 10:08.88, 2. Julianne Jaques (Fresno State) 10:16.16, 3. Alexis Pichardo (Cal State Northridge) 10:25.63.  San José State: 8. Karina Nunes 11:08.43, 12. Jenay Jauregui 11:21.13

3000-Meter Steeplechase – 1. Nicole Reitveld (Cal State Northridge) 11:37.18, 2. Allison Kimura (San José State) 12:07.78, 3. Victoria Olaiz (Cal State Northridge) 12:37.53.   San José State: 4. Nina Sassano 12:37.58, 5. Breanna Garcia 13:00.59