Childs & Sims Top-10 After Day One Of Sheila Tarr Multis

Kolbi Sims finished sixth out of 20 in the 200 meters.
March 16, 2017

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Las Vegas, Nev. --- Jade Childs and Kolbi Sims officially got the San José State women's track and field team's outdoor season underway on Thursday in the heptathlon at the Sheila Tarr Multis hosted by UNLV. The two Spartans are inside the top-10 in the field of 20 through four events.
Childs, in her final outdoor season as a Spartan, is in sixth place with 3,025 points. The Sophomore Sims is ninth with 2,835 points.
Childs was second in the shot put with a distance of 11.55 meters and top-five in the 100-meter hurdles with a time of 14.66.
Sims was fifth overall in the shot put at 10.48 meters. She was just outside the top-five with sixth-place finishes in the 100-hurdles and the 200 meters.
The two Spartans finish up the heptathlon tomorrow while the rest of the team begins the Sacramento State Hornet Invitational.
100-Meter Hurdles
  1. Juanita Webster, Cerritos, 14.20; 2. Melanie Winters, Unattached, 14.34; 3. Bailey Woodbury, Idaho State, 14.44; 5. Jade Childs, San José State, 14.66; 11. Kolbi Sims, San José State ,15.58.
High Jump
  1. Juanita Webster, Cerritos, 1.73m; 2. Lindsay Yetter, BYU, 1.70m; 2. Melanie Winter, Unattached, 1.70m; 6. Kolbi Sims, San José State, 1.58m; 6. Jade Childs, San José State, 1.58m.
Shot Put
  1. Stella Clemens, UNLV, 12.77m; 2. Jade Childs, San José State, 11.55m; 3. Michaela Bayni, Cerritos, 10.75m; 5. Kolbi Sims, San José State, 10.48m.
200 Meters
  1. Melanie Winters, Unattached, 24.98; 2. Juanita Webster, Cerritos, 25.12; Deandra Elcock, Northern Colorado, 25.35; 6. Kolbi Sims, San José State, 26.03; 7. Jade Childs, San José State, 26.03.
Heptathlon Results Thru 4 Events (Top-10 out of 20)
  1. Juanita Webster, Cerritos, 3,240 points
  2. Melanie Winters, Unattached, 3,225 points
  3. Lindsay Yetter, BYU, 3,045 points
  4. Bailey Woodbury, Idaho State, 3,037 points
  5. Stella Clemens, UNLV, 3,033 points
  6. Jade Childs, San José State, 3,025 points
  7. Deandra Elcock, Northern Colorado, 2,869 points
  8. Mackenzie Pettit, Northern Colorado, 2,855 points
  9. Kolbi Sims, San José State, 2,835 points
  10. McKenna McGrath, Northern Colorado, 2,705 points