A Solid Finish To A Busy Weekend For Women's Track & Field

Caitlin Wilson competed in both the 200 and 400 dashes on Saturday.
April 18, 2015

Long Beach, Calif. --- The San José State women's outdoor track and field team concluded a busy week with a series of sprint events and jumps at the Beach Invitational on Saturday.

"This week as a whole has been a great outing all the way around," said Spartans' head coach Jeff Petersmeyer. "I thought the sprint group did outstanding. Jade (Childs), Leah (Lambert) and Nicole (Iloanya) looked good today. I thought the distance group also did really well this week."

Makayla Webb continued a solid week by leading the Spartans in the 100 hurdles with a time of 14.26.

Caitlin Wilson turned in the top-time for SJSU in the 200 (24.71), and the 400 (55.24).

Emma Sutherland had the second-best collegiate mark of the day in the high jump at 1.70 meters.

"Some of these times we are seeing could be junior national qualifiers," Petersmeyer said. "We have a few tune-ups left and then we feel good heading into the conference championship."

The Bulldog invitational is next on the schedule for San José State on April 25.






100 Hurdles

 1. Sharon Kwarula, West Texas A&M, 13.52w; 2. Karelle Edwards, Ottwa, 13.58w; 3. Mofiyinfoluwa Olusola, Nevada, 13.61w; 14. Makayla Webb, San José State, 14.26w; 16. Jade Childs, San José State, 14.28; 20. Leah Lambert, San José State, 14.47


400 Meters

 1. Morgan Milbrath, North Dakota State, 54.14; 2. Cameron Pettigrew, USC, 54.45; 3. Shale Garland, Ecpast, 54.84; 6. Cailtin Wilson, San José State, 55.24; 55. Maija Pinkins, San José State, 58.74.


100 Meters

 1. Raquel Tjernagel, Coq. Cheetahs, 11.58; 2. Kennadi Bouyer, Washington, 11.70w; 3. Rachel Christian, Akron, 11.73; 62. Leah Lambert, San José State, 12.65w; 82. Madiha Raza, San José State, 13.04.


200 Meters

 1. Raquel Tjernagel, Coq. Cheetahs, 23.58; 2. Mackenzie Flannigan, Boise State, 23.72; 3. Chantel Jaeger, Montana State, 23.99; 23. Caitlin Wilson, San José State, 24.71; 32. Makayla Webb, San José State, 25.02; 46. Maija Pinkins, San José State, 25.25


Long Jump

 1. Abrianna Torres, Colorado, 6.04m; 2. Jahisha Thomas, Iowa, 6.00m; 3. Lauren Cheadle, Southern Illinois, 5.90; 9. Kelsey Johnson-Upshaw, San José State, 5.61m; 13. Leah Lambert, San José State, 5.53m; 16. Cambree Harbaugh, San José State, 5.52m.


High Jump

 1. Mary Wirth, South Dakota State, 1.75m; 2. Stephanie Ahrens, Nebraska-Omaha, 1.70m; 2. Lexy Boschee, Noth Dakota State, 1.70m; 2. Cetrena Simmons, Southern Illinois, 1.70m; 2. Emma Sutherland, San José State, 1.70m.

Triple Jump

 1. Danylle Kurywchak, U-Mary, 12.63m; 2. Samantha Evans, Unat-Montana, 12.56m; 3. Weronika Gaudyn, Akron, 12.54m; 12. Cambree Harbaugh, San José State, 11.88m;15. Nicole Iloanya, San José State, 11.82m.