Record-Setting Day Yields Seven Wins At Johnny Mathis Invitational

Emma Sutherland cleared the bar at 1.77 meters and won the high jump contest on Saturday.
March 21, 2015

San Francisco, Calif. --- It was a day of multiple wins and school-record setting times for the San José State women's track and field team at the Johnny Mathis Invitational on Saturday.

The Spartans' day got off to a fast start with Makayla Webb winning the 100-meter hurdles event with a time of 14.91. The second event of the day was the 3,000-meter steeple chase, which Rebecca Garcia won in 11:23.32, and Lalida Maokhamphiou clocked a 11:55.21 to finish second.

Webb went on to get her second win of the day in the 400-meter hurdles event which she finished in 1:03.82.

"We came out swinging and our young team came out with some personal-bests and some wins," Spartans' head coach Jeff Petersmeyer said. "This was a good opener for us."

San José State continued its winning ways in the 4x100 relay, where Lenae Stevens, Caitlin Wilson, Makayla Webb and Maija Pinkins combined to finish in 47.20.



Caitlin Wilson picked up the win in the 100-meter dash with a new school-record time of 12.13. Maijia Pinkins (12:47) and Lenae Stevens (12:79) finished fourth and ninth respectively in the event, and also beat the previous school-record set last season.

Pinkins wasn't done yet as she took first place in the 200-meter dash with a new SJSU record time of 25.23.

"Maija (Pinkins) in the 200 and Makayla (Webb) in the hurdles were just a couple of really good performances we got out of a young group today," Petersmeyer added. "It will help them go into some big events this year with confidence."

Another win came in a field event when Emma Sutherland cleared the bar at 1.77 meters for a victory in the high jump event.

"You don't really see a lot of marks like these in March," Petersmeyer said. "This was a good start to the season."

Next upfor outdoor women's track and field is the San Francisco State Distance Carnival on April 3-4.


100 Meter Hurdles

1. Makayla Webb, San José State, 14.91; 2. Emily Denton, Chico State, 15.05; 3. Laura Stokes, San Fracisco State, 15.12; 4. Melanie O'Brien, Chico State, 15.35; 5. Tori Mason, Chico State, 15.59; 11. Leah Lambert, San José State, 22.80.

3000-Meter Steeple Chase

1. Rebecca Garcia, San José State, 11:23.32; 2. Lalida Maokhamphiou, San José State, 11:55.21; 3. Vanessa Lordi, Wvtc, 12:05.19; 4. Victoria Dwyer, Sonoma State, 12:28.83; 5. Breanna Garcia, San José State, 12:28.84; 6. Agnes Portal, San José State, 12:44.61

4x100 Meter Relay

1. San José State A (Lenae Stevens,Caitlin Wilson,Makayla Webb,Maija Pinkins), 47.20.


1. Elena Burkard, San Francisco, 4:24.00; 2. Kate Jamboretz, San Francisco, 4:24.92; 3. Daryl Phill, San Francisco, 4:36.45; 4. Lora James, Chico State, 4:36.50; 5. Bailey Henshaw, Chico State, 4:36.57; 12. Angelica Parodi, San José State, 4:44.38; 31. Melanie Fujiwara, San José State, 4:58.70; 32. Karina Nunes, San José State, 4:58.81; 33. Diana Orozco, San José State, 4:59.70.

400 Meters

1. Timarya Baynard, Unattached, 56.60; 2. Aja Erskine, Chico State, 58.07; 3. Marina Berrios, Chico State, 58:08; 4. Alesia Francis, San Francisco State, 1:00.07; 5. Skylar Fenton, 1:00.71; 12. Madiha Raza, San José State, 1:06.09; 13. Kayla Denson, San José State, 1:06.30.

100 Meters

1. Caitlin Wilson, San José State, 12.13; 2. Ashley Jones, Chico State, 12:32; 3. Asaundra Dalton, San Francisco, 12:35; 4. Maija Pinkins, San José State, 12:47; 5. Laura Rombach Rau, Horsecow, 12:50; 9. Lenae Stevens, San José State, 12:79; 13. Ariana Larson, San José State, 13:11.

800 Meters

1. Elena Burkard, San Francisco, 2:12.23; 2. Jennifer Beckingham, San José State, 2:13.59; 3. Bianca Bryant, Unattached, 2:15.07; 4. Daryl Phill, San Francisco, 2:16.46; 5. Kaelyn Harbison, Academy of Art, 2:17.23; 6. Marayne Martin, San José State, 2:18.19; 18. Miranda DosSantos, San José State, 2:23.82; 37. Jessica Stacey, San José State, 2:33.32; 43. Morgan Bailey, San José State, 2:40.63.

400 Meter Hurdles

1. Makayla Webb, San José State, 1:03.82; 2. Tori Mason, Chico State, 1:04.06; 3. Jenavieve Turner, Chico State, 1:04.83; 4. Rose Stephens, Chico State, 1:06.42; 5. Laura Stokes, San Francisco State, 1:07.12.

200 Meters

1. Maija Pinkins, San José State, 25.23; 2. Timarya Baynard, Unattached, 25.50; 3. Ashley Jones, Chico State, 25.52; 4. Marina Barrios, Chico State, 25.67; 5. Aja Erskine, Chico State, 25.79; 8. Kelsey Johnson-Upshaw, San José State, 26.39; 12. Lenae Stevens, San José State, 26.76; 13. Madiha Raza, San José State, 27.11; 17. Ariana Larson, San José State, 27:70; 21. Kayla Denson, San José State, 28.50.

4x400 Relay

1. Chico State A, 3:59.56; 2. San Francisco State A, 4:05.89; 3. San Francisco A, 4:05.89; 4. San José State A (Jennifer Beckingham, Angelica Parodi, Maija Pinkins, Miranda Dos Santos), 4:11.81; 5. Chico State C, x4:12.54; 6. Humboldt State, 4:14.06.

Long Jump

1. Hilary King, San Francisco State, 5.79m; 2. Laura Rombach Rau, Horsecow, 5.63; 3. Cambree Harbaugh, San José State, 5.45m; 4. Nicole Iloanya, San José State, 5.44m; 4. Brook Whiteburn, Chico State, 5.44; 6. Leah Lambert, San José State, 5.43m; 6. Ashley Black, Unattached, 5.43m; 8. Kelsey Johnson-Upshaw, San José State, 5.41.

High Jump

1. Emma Sutherland, San José State, 1.77m.