Kilby, Holden In Top-25 At Wildcat Invitational

Tucson, Ariz. – Competing on the platform, San Jose State divers Amy Kilby and Jessica Holden finished in the top-25 competitors among 44 divers at the Third Annual Wildcat Diving Invitational on Sunday.

Kilby placed 14th with 188.70 points and Holden came in 25th with 165.00 points as they participated in their first platform competition of the season.  Kilby’s point total is the third best in program history, while Holden’s ranks sixth.

Kilby’s best scoring dive was her third, an inward 1-½ somersault in the pike position.  The degree of difficulty was 2.40; her total score was 43.20 and the dive ranked seventh in the round.

Holden’s first dive was her highest scoring.  It was a forward 2-½ somersault in the tuck position.  She scored 39.60 points with a degree of difficulty of 2.40.  It was the 15th best dive of that round.


Third Annual Wildcat Diving Invitational

November 19-21

Meet Results (Winner plus San Jose State competitors)

Women’s 1m (6 Dives) - 11/20/2010

1. Victoria Ishimatsu (Southern California) 319.50.  17. Jessica Holden (SJSU) 239.35.  29. Amy Kilby (SJSU) 222.90.

Women’s Platform (5 Dives) – 11/21/2010

1. Ainsley Oliver (Arizona) 232.70.  14. Amy Kilby (SJSU) 188.70.  25. Jessica Holden (SJSU) 165.00.