The Spartan Splash: Blog 6 - Amy Friedhoff

Blog Entry #6 (Wednesday, November 5)
Freshman Amy Friedhoff

Coming to San Jose State and participating on the swim team has been quite an experience thus far. As an incoming freshman, I did not know what to expect really. I knew the workouts were going to be hard, school was going to be demanding, and time management was going to be critical. But I never expected swimming to be so much fun. I now look forward to practices instead of dreading them. I know I will be challenged in an interesting way and not be forced to swim lap after mindless lap with virtually no end in sight. And what a relief that is! The chemistry between the girls also makes practices entertaining. I feel like I have been a part of this team for years, not just a few months. Choosing to go to San Jose State was probably the best decision I have ever made.

Our close chemistry and continual hard work day after day has definitely been paying off in the pool. Last weekend, we competed against a conference foe, Boise State. Nerves were running rampant that day. The pressure was on. Not only was the meet held at The Aquatics Center on campus, our home turf, but we also had to uphold our previous WAC Shootout championship status. Our team pulled together to defeat the Broncos, 197-102, moving us to an 8-1 standing. Thirteen lifetime bests were achieved by many, and Jessica Holden was named WAC Diver of the Week, despite the torrential downpour that day. This win was a huge confidence-booster that will definitely spill over to our next big meet, Nike Cup in Long Beach, California.

Nike Cup is going to be a meet to watch. The Spartans have a drive to win like no other. We will definitely be a team to look out for, because we are holding nothing back. Like Sage Hopkins says, it’s “Operation Domination Time”!



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