Marhenke Wins Twice As Spartans Open At Stanford

Stanford, Calif. - Brie Marhenke swept the two sprint freestyle events as the San Jose State University women's swimming and diving team opened the 2007-08 season with a dual meet against perennial powerhouse Stanford University at the Avery Aquatic Center on Friday, October 5.

The host Cardinal (1-0), who have won more team championships than any other collegiate women’s swimming program in the nation with eight, out-pointed the Spartans (0-1), 191-99. This was the third straight year since the arrival of head coach Sage Hopkins, that San Jose State has opened its season at Stanford.

Marhenke picked up right where she left off in 2005-06. The senior co-captain returned to the water for a competitive race as a Spartan for the first time since the 2006 NCAA Championships in Athens, Ga. Marhenke elected to redshirt last season after earning a pair of individual gold medals at the 2006 Western Athletic Conference Championship in her first season at San Jose State following a transfer from Oregon State.

The native of Carmichael, Calif., first raced 23.58 to win the 50 freestyle by over a full second, narrowly falling short of an NCAA B’ cut of 23.29. After a break, she went 52.07 to take the 100. Marhenke holds school records in both events at 22.54 and 50.30, respectively.

“I was excited to race again,” said Marhenke. “It had been so long since I had. I thought as a team, we performed better here than we did a year ago, and our spirit was outstanding. I’m excited for the meet at home next weekend, to see more of what everyone can do.

“I go into each race thinking, you can do this.’ I set goals before a race and just try to do my best. We’ve been training really hard and I thought everyone on the team stepped it up today.”

Junior Lauren Mar touched the wall second in the 100 backstroke behind Cardinal senior Brooke Bishop, a six-time All-American a year ago. Mar’s time was 58.61. Freshmen Caitlin Macky and Jo Thibodaux also posted second-place finishes in the 200 breaststroke (2:25.63) and one-meter diving events (217.35), respectively, in their debuts.

Others competing for the first time as Spartans Friday were transfers Joanna Torres and Erin Garcia, and freshmen Jillian Cureton, Rudie Guerrero, Julia Koch, Taryn Krische, Ashley Krisman, Ashley Ladd, Meghan McCurley, Kirsten Trammell, Julie Wynn and Daphne Yeung. McCurley was fourth in the 50 free (25.05) and fifth in the 100 (54.67) while also anchoring both A’ relays for the Spartans on the afternoon.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with how we swam today,” remarked Hopkins after the meet. “In each of the last two years that we competed here to start the season, we came away with some level of frustration, but today we got great performances from the entire team. Standouts were certainly Brie Marhenke in winning the 50 and 100 freestyle, Lauren Mar with a tremendous time in the 100 backstroke, and Jo Thibodaux with a great debut on the diving board. Caitlin Macky had impressive breaststroke races in the 100 and 200 as well.

“The quality of the performances was a great reinforcement to the ladies. This year, the entire team showed up for training in tremendous shape, and it showed in our results today. This fitness will help us over the next few weeks of competition.”

Asked about having Marhenke back in the water, Hopkins added, “She certainly adds a tremendous spark to our competitiveness. Whenever you have a world-class athlete leading your team in the pool, it is always going to lift your performances across the board.”

San Jose State hosts the first of four home meets on Saturday, October 13, with UC Davis and UC Santa Cruz both paying a visit to The Aquatics Center on campus for a tri-meet at 1:00 p.m.

San Jose State at Stanford
October 5, 2007

TEAM SCORE (Dual Meet)
San Jose State (0-1) 99, Stanford (1-0) 191

INDIVIDUAL RESULTS (Winners plus San Jose State swimmers)
200 Yard Medley Relay: 1. Stanford A’ (Fiona O’Donnell-McCarthy), 1:45.60; 4. San Jose State A’ (Lauren Mar, Kirsten Trammell, Tarolyn Robertson, Meghan McCurley), 1:49.39; 5. San Jose State B’ (Beste Erener, Caitlin Macky, Joanna Torres, Daphne Yeung), x1:51.91; 8. San Jose State C’ (Katey Nelson, Erin Garcia, Ally Jack, Sara Riley), x1:54.65.

1000 Yard Freestyle: 1. Julia Smith, STAN, 9:53.76; 3. Amanda Carr, SJSU, 10:41.58; 4. Ashley Krisman, SJSU, 11:02.53.

200 Yard Freestyle: 1. Stefanie Sutton, STAN, 1:53.80; 4. Julia Koch, SJSU, 1:58.87; 5. Katey Nelson, SJSU, 2:01.28.

100 Yard Backstroke: 1. Brooke Bishop, STAN, 56.99; 2. Lauren Mar, SJSU, 58.61; 5. Rudie Guerrero, SJSU, 1:01.88; 6. Jillian Cureton, SJSU, x1:04.47; 8. Nikki Chapman, SJSU, x1:09.30.

100 Yard Breaststroke: 1. Caroline Bruce, STAN, 1:03.58B; 3. Caitlin Macky, SJSU, 1:06.93; 4. Kirsten Trammell, SJSU, 1:09.51; 5. Erin Garcia, SJSU, x1:11.19.

200 Yard Butterfly: 1. Kelly Hug, STAN, 2:05.61; 4. Hannah Tringham, SJSU, 2:10.87; 5. Beste Erener, SJSU, 2:12.13; 6. Jillene Golez, SJSU, x2:13.19; 7. Ally Jack, SJSU, x2:14.20.

50 Yard Freestyle: 1. Brie Marhenke, SJSU, 23.58; 4. Meghan McCurley, SJSU, 25.05; 5. Daphne Yeung, SJSU, x25.07; 7. Tarolyn Robertson, SJSU, x25.78; - Joanna Torres, SJSU, x25.39; - Sara Riley, SJSU, x25.96; - Ashley Ladd, SJSU, x26.04; - Julie Wynn, SJSU, x26.29.

One Meter Diving: 1. Meg Hostage, STAN, 264.07B; 2. Jo Thibodaux, SJSU, 217.35.

100 Yard Freestyle: 1. Brie Marhenke, SJSU, 52.07; 5. Meghan McCurley, SJSU, 54.67; 6. Daphne Yeung, SJSU, x54.81; 8. Sara Riley, SJSU, x55.96; - Joanna Torres, SJSU, x56.68; - Julie Wynn, SJSU, x56.69; - Ashley Ladd, SJSU, x56.97; - Taryn Krische, SJSU, x59.41.

200 Yard Backstroke: 1. Caroline Bruce, STAN, 2:05.59; 4. Katey Nelson, SJSU, 2:08.52; 5. Lauren Mar, SJSU, 2:11.11; 6. Beste Erener, SJSU, x2:12.86; 8. Jillian Cureton, SJSU, x2:19.66; - Nikki Chapman, SJSU, x2.20.35.

200 Yard Breaststroke: 1. Julia Smit, STAN, 2:18.83; 2. Caitlin Macky, SJSU, 2:25.63; 3. Kirsten Trammell, SJSU, 2:27.09.

500 Yard Freestyle: 1. Elizabeth Durot, STAN, 4:57.09; 4. Amanda Carr, SJSU, 5:17.86; 5. Julia Koch, SJSU, 5:19.27; 6. Ashley Krisman, SJSU, x5:31.04.

100 Yard Butterfly: 1. Nilasha Ghosh, STAN, 57.02; 4. Jillene Golez, SJSU, 1:00.38; 6. Rudie Guerrero, SJSU, 1:00.94; 7. Ally Jack, SJSU, x1:01.26; 8. Tarolyn Robertson, SJSU, 1:01.72; 9. Hannah Tringham, SJSU, x1:02.64.

Three Meter Diving: 1. Carmen Stellar, STAN, 230.48; 4. Jo Thibodaux, SJSU, 195.52.

200 Yard Individual Medley: 1. Caitlin Macky, SJSU, 2:11.39; 2. Beste Erener, SJSU, 2:13.53; 3. Hannah Tringham, SJSU, x2:15.18; 4. Kirsten Trammell, SJSU, x2:15.61; 5. Jillian Cureton, SJSU, x2:23.55.

200 Yard Freestyle Relay: 1. San Jose State A’ (Lauren Mar, Daphne Yeung, Brie Marhenke, Meghan McCurley), 1:38.17; 2. San Jose State B’ (Tarolyn Robertson, Joanna Torres, Sara Riley, Erin Garcia), x1:43.22; 3. San Jose State C’ (Amanda Carr, Ashley Ladd, Ashley Krisman, Julia Koch), x1:45.37; 4. San Jose State D’ (Julie Wynn, Taryn Krische, Rudie Guerrero, Katey Nelson), x1:46.90.