Spartans Strong In Season Opener At Stanford

STANFORD, Calif. – The San Jose State women’s swimming and diving team had its strongest season-opening performance against Bay Area rival Stanford in seven years, coming within 43 points of topping the Cardinal Friday at the Avery Aquatics Center.
“This is by far the best start we’ve ever had here,” said San Jose State head coach Sage Hopkins. “We were up against one of the top teams in the country and we really did a nice job of racing today. The divers also did a great job.”
The Spartans fell in the dual meet against Stanford, 167-125. It’s the closest score against Stanford in the Spartans’ annual season-opening dual meet with the Cardinal during Hopkins’ seven-year tenure at SJSU.
Senior captain Kirsten Trammell, competing for the Spartans for the first time since 2009-2010 after redshirting last season, won two events on the day to lead SJSU. Her first victory of the day came in the 100-yard breaststroke at 1:04.99, and her second win was in the 200-yard breaststroke in 2:23.02.
“A number of people did very well,” Hopkins said. “Kirsten definitely had a good day winning two events. I’m just really happy across the board."
In diving, Amy Kilby led the way for San Jose State with second place finishes in both the one-meter and three-meter springboard events with scores of 234.98 and 243.30, respectively. Jessica Holden was also strong for the Spartans, picking up third place finishes in both events. Divers Krista Walton, Christine Rommel and Taylor Thomas all made their freshmen debuts for the Spartans against Stanford. A total of 10 newcomers made their debuts Friday for San Jose State.
“I’m really happy with the freshmen, they really did a nice job,” Hopkins said.
Julia Craddock grabbed a win in the 200-yard individual medley in 2:10.56. The Spartans’ “A” and “B” 200-yard freestyle relay team went 1-2 to close out the day. The “A” team was composed of Heather Denmen, Ashlyn Acosta, Erika Harvey and Kiley Foster, while the “B” had Brittney Boyd, Haley Smith, Amber Nelson and Andrea Chan.
San Jose State returns to competition, October 14-15 for the George Haines Invitational back at Stanford’s Avery Aquatics Center.
Stanford 167, San Jose State 125
Final Results (Event winners plus SJSU finishers)
200-yard Medley Relay
1. Stanford “B”, 1:44.59. 2. San Jose State “A” (Denman, Trammell, Acosta, McCurley), 1:44.94. 5. San Jose State “B” (Smith, Bergis, McLean, Harvey), 1:51.23.
1,000-yard Freestyle
1. Kaia Simmons (Stanford), 10:23.45. 4. Amy Friedhoff (SJSU), 10:46.59. 5. Megan Mills (SJSU), 10:51.27. 6. Caitlin Lipton (SJSU), 10:57.53. 7. Brooke Hammond (SJSU), x-11:10.55.
200-yard Freestyle
1. Andi Murez (Stanford), 1:48.49. 3. Erika Harvey (SJSU), 1:56.67. 5. Brittney Boyd (SJSU), 2:00.36.
100-yard Backstroke
1. Maddy Schaefer (Stanford), 57.70. 2. Heather Denman (SJSU), 57.80. 4. Haley Smith (SJSU), 59.23. 5. Michaela McLean (SJSU), 59.32. 8. Christina Bruni (SJSU), x-1:01.05
100-yard Breaststroke
1. Kirsten Trammell (SJSU) 1:04.99. 6. Christina Bergis (SJSU), 1:12.21.
200-yard Butterfly
1. Andie Taylor (Stanford), 2:02.02. 4. Julia Craddock (SJSU), 2:05.16. 5. Ashlyn Acosta (SJSU), 2:08.72. 6. Andrea Chan (SJSU), 2:11.27. 7. Kayla Nakamoto (SJSU), 2:16.87.
50-yard Freestyle
1. Betsy Webb (Stanford), 23.49. 2. Kiley Foster (SJSU), 24.08. 3. Meghan McCurley (SJSU), 24.57. 7. Amber Nelson (SJSU), 25.40.
100-yard Freestyle
1. Maddy Schaefer (Stanford), 51.26. 3. Kiley Foster (SJSU), 52.41. 4. Erika Harvey (SJSU), 53.31. 6. Brittney Boyd (SJSU), 54.91. -- Amber Nelson (SJSU), 55.54.
200-yard Backstroke
1. Annemarie Thayer (Stanford), 2:03.66. 3. Heather Denman (SJSU), 2:05.55. 4. Michaela McLean (SJSU), 2:07.87. 6. Haley Smith (SJSU), 2:09.31. 7. Christina Bruni (SJSU), x-2:12.02.
200-yard Breaststroke
1. Kirsten Trammell (SJSU),2:23.02. 4. Christina Bergis (SJSU), 2:26.98.
500-yard Freestyle
1. Felicia Lee (Stanford), 4:55.22. 4. Julia Craddock (SJSU), 5:10.40. 6. Amy Friedhoff (SJSU), 5:16.77. 7. Megan Mills (SJSU), 5:20.70. 8. Caitlin Lipton (SJSU), x-5:23.63.
100-yard Butterfly
1. Ashlyn Acosta (SJSU), 57.64. 2. Andrea Chan (SJSU), 1:00.22. 3. Kayla Nakamoto (SJSU), 1:01.86. -- Danielle Smyth (SJSU), 1:00.63. -- Karly Brown, x-1:02.60.
200-yard Individual Medley
1. Julia Craddock, 2:10.56. 2. Kirsten Trammell, 2:13.60. 3. Haley Smith, 2:14.77. -- Michaela McLean, x-2:15.96. -- Christina Bergis, x-2:20.01.
200-yard Freestyle Relay
1. San Jose State “A” (Denman, Acosta, Harvey, Foster), 1:37.41. 2. San Jose State “B” (Boyd, Smith, Nelson, Chan), 1:40.30.
1-meter Diving
1. Stephanie Phipps (Stanford), 243.60. 2. Amy Kilby, 234.98. 3. Jessica Holden, 222.30. 6. Krista Walton, 200.25. 7. Christine Rommel, x-174.90. 8. Taylor Thomas, x-173.25.
3-meter Diving
1. Stephanie Phipps (Stanford), 260.55. 2. Amy Kilby, 243.30. 3. Jessica Holden, 218.20. 4. Krista Walton, 213.75. 5. Christine Rommel, x-191.25.
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