The Spartan Splash: New Season Opens Friday!

The Spartan Splash dives into its second year here at, with senior tri-captain Erin Garcia and sophomore standout Heather Denman writing about their summers, preseason training, the team's annual camping retreat, and an exciting new season ahead for San Jose State Swimming & Diving. The 2009-10 campaign gets under way at Stanford's Avery Aquatic Center this Friday afternoon, October 2, at 2:00 p.m.

The following weekend, October 9-10, San Jose State and The Aquatics Center on campus are proud to host the second annual Western Athletic Conference Shootout. Admission is free.

Blog Entry #1 (Wednesday, September 30)

Senior Tri-Captain Erin Garcia

Summer training is an extremely important factor in the outcome of one's performance in an upcoming season. I trained really hard over the summer, knowing that the team really wanted to be successful this year. I was accompanied by some of the fastest age-group swimmers in the country, as well as a top-notch coaching staff. I continued to lift and do CrossFit with Ben (Cobian) and my teammates that stayed and trained over the summer with me. When we were working out in the pool, we were pushed extremely hard with every practice that we were given. I worked really hard last season, and didn't want to slack off this summer and have to start over when I got back to school.

Training this season has been going well. The team's intensity level has increased significantly within the last couple of weeks, and it's really exciting to see the team performing so well throughout each practice. Day to day, each practice has been very challenging, and everyone has been attacking them as though they're at a meet. The team's spirits have been up, and everyone has been extremely encouraging toward one another (especially during CrossFit). If the girls continue to keep up the hard work they've been putting in over the last couple of weeks, we will be able to accomplish a lot.

The camping trip was fun this year. Everything ran smoothly and a lot was accomplished. Unlike last year, it was a plus not having to wake up with our tents flooded due to a rainstorm from the previous night, haha. I feel like the camping trip is the first weekend that everyone really gets to click as a whole. It's a big bonding opportunity for the freshmen as well. It's nice to get to know the freshmen a little bit better, outside of the pool deck. Sitting around the campfire and talking about our goals (individually, and as a team), really catches everyone's attention and gets us ready to work for the meets ahead. I don't think people really realize how intense and fast the season is until we start talking about goals from the first meet, all the way up until WAC. Five months seems long, but when you sit down and talk about it, you realize how little time you have to make your team perfect.

The upcoming season? Hmmm, that's a crazy thing to think about! Not only is it a new season, it is my final season ever! I'm excited and sad, scared but ready...I can't really describe the season in one way, but I can say that I have never wanted to come out victorious so much in my entire life! I am more than confident in my teammates-from the freshman class, to my fellow senior, Hannah. I only have one chance to make my season as perfect as possible, and I am stoked with the girls I call my teammates. After last year's phenomenal season and disappointing finish at WAC, everyone is willing to do whatever it takes to make up for what we lost. I have so much faith in my team, and I know that every single girl can have the best season she's ever had if she just gives it her all.

Go Spartans!


Sophomore Heather Denman

The 2009-10 San Jose State women's swim team season has begun. I came into my second year with not much summer training behind me. When I arrived home at the end of May for a summer visit, I unfortunately found out that I, for the second time, had mono. I spent the majority of my summer resting in order to fully recover. I basically was a homebody and hung out with my family. Over the summer break, I gradually began to swim more and more, and toward the last few weeks, I was finally better. I could not wait to come back to San Jose and start training with the team. However, I had no idea what was in store for us.

I woke up for our first practice on Monday morning thinking it was going to be just like last year's, but I was completely wrong. The first two weeks of practice were in no way anything like last year. The practices were extremely intense. None of us were eased into hard training, but instead, thrown into it. We were constantly being pushed in the pool and during weights. On the first day for weights, we had the 'pleasure' of participating in the CrossFit, Fight Gone Bad, which is to many people the hardest CrossFit workout. The beginning of last year's soreness wasn't anything compared to how we all felt after those first two weeks. However, our hard and intense training is already paying off. Everyone on the team is swimming and kicking at much faster intervals than last year, as well as lifting a greater amount of weight. In just two weeks, it was evident we were already becoming faster and stronger in the pool and in the weight room. Since then, we have continued down this road of intense training and are constantly improving.

After a few weeks of school, everyone went on our yearly team camping trip to Santa Cruz. This year, we have almost a quarter of the team as freshmen. At first, I was hesitant as to whether or not we would be able to form the tightness of a team that was there last year. However, I soon realized there was no reason for the hesitation. This trip brought all of the girls close together, becoming a very tight-knit group. We all learned something new about every teammate, as well as something new about each of our coaches. We had workouts on the beach, and we went into the CHILLY ocean water. During our trip, we had meetings with our stroke groups and classes in which we set goals that as a group, we would like to accomplish. My favorite part of the trip was the class skits, because it allowed everyone to just relax, have a good time, and enjoy ourselves. I also recall setting up the tents to be one of the funniest things I have ever witnessed, and could possibly have won a prize on America's Funniest Home Videos. Overall, the camping trip to Santa Cruz was a great success. It brought all of the girls together and we all became extremely close, just as if we were all sisters.

For this upcoming season, I predict that our team will be even better than last year. The overall attitude has changed enormously, with not one person being negative. Throughout practices, all you hear is cheering and girls encouraging each other. Our intensity in the pool and in the weight room is indescribable. I see the team as being a big competitor in the WAC. When it comes to dual meets, our team is a force to be reckoned with. All other teams should be nervous to swim us. When it comes to WAC, I believe "the sky is the limit" for us. As long as we continue down the road we are headed, and believe in each other and ourselves, there is nothing that can hold us back from achieving greatness.

Go Spartans!


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