The Spartan Splash: Blog 2 - Megan Mills

Blog Entry #2 (Tuesday, September 30)
Freshman Megan Mills
New Year, New Faces, New Competition

I can see it now. It’s Friday, the third of October. The air is brisk. The water is ideal and untouched. As we begin to flock around the pool, Sage Hopkins produces a screeching whistle to signal that the water is ready for us. This Friday, the San Jose State women’s swim team will compete against Stanford University in our first dual meet of the year.

This will officially be my first meet as a Spartan, wearing the blue and gold proudly on my cap. The team has trained hard for five weeks now preparing for the season to begin, starting with this Friday. Honestly, I have no idea what to expect and every time I try to imagine the meet, my stomach feels like it came up my throat, but I am so thrilled to finally get the season under way. Granted, Stanford is one of the best swimming schools in the nation and nearly always ranked in the top-3, but it will be interesting to see how much the team has improved from last year at this time. I have heard stories about how intense and exciting the meets can be but this Friday, I will get to experience that for myself.

Based on our strenuous practices and god-awful CrossFit, hopefully we can score higher than we ever have at this meet. All we can do is perform our best on Friday and unite as a team even more than we have.

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