Spartans Win Six In Very Close Meet At Stanford

Stanford, Calif. -San Jose State women's swimming and diving team had its best showing against the Stanford Cardinal in head coach Sage Hopkins' eight years leading the Spartans, falling by just 27 points, 162.5 to 135.5 in the Avery Aquatics Center.

"I'm very happy with our performance," Hopkins said about the opening meet of the season.  "There were things that we were pleasantly surprised with, but we also saw some that we have to continue to work on over the coming weeks.  We had some great results today." 

Among those great results were individual wins from swimmers Julia Craddock, Darcie Anderson Ashlyn Acosta and Marisa DeWames and diver Jessica Holden.  The 400 freestyle relay team of Erika Harvey, Kiley Foster, Brynne Beneke and DeWames won in a time of 3:29.41.

DeWames, a senior from Thousand Oaks, Calif. who competed in last summer's U.S. Olympic swimming trials, won the 100 freestyle in 51.60.

"It feels good to come away with a win in the first meet of the season," DeWames said.  "At the same time it's one of those things where you take it and then move on to the next race. 

"I swam with De Anza Cupertino Aquatics over the summer.  They're an amazing club team.  Swimming with them gave me training that I don't usually get in the summer.  I feel that I've come into this year in better shape than I ever have."

A senior out of Litchfield Park, Ariz., Craddock came home in 2:04.08 to win the 200 butterfly.  Anderson, who also competed in the U.S. Olympic trials, won the 200 breaststroke in 2:18.15.  Holden, a senior from Roseville, Calif., won the 1-meter diving competition with a score of 236.48.  Trabuco Canyon, Calif. native and junior Acosta tied Stanford's Maya Dirado for first in the 100 butterfly with a time of 56.25.

The five race wins against the Cardinal are the most by the Spartans in Hopkins' tenure.  The 27-point deficit eclipses last season's 43-point differential, the best for a Hopkins-trained team to date.

"Our team has gotten better and better each year I've been here," DeWames said.  "We have grown so much since my freshman year.  Each successive class has been stronger and stronger.  We are a family and when you have that type of feeling, you are much more willing to work hard for each other and push each other to get better."

The 2011-12 Western Athletic Conference (WAC) champions have their sights set on repeating, but know it is a long road.

"That is our main goal, winning the WAC, but we focus on the day-in and day-out work we have to do.  We'd like to defend our WAC title.  If we take care of the everyday work, we'll accomplish what we want in the end."

The Spartans head back into training and do not compete again until Saturday, October 27, against the UC Davis Aggies in Davis, Calif.  First race is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. in the Schaal Aquatics Center.

Stanford 162.5, San Jose State 135.5

Final Results (Event winners plus SJSU finishers)

200-yard Medley Relay

1. Stanford "A", 1:43.80. 2. San Jose State "A" (Smith, Anderson, Acosta, DeWames), 1:45.34. 4. San Jose State "B" (Bruni, Buxbaum, Craddock, Foster), 1:46.91. -- San Jose State "C" (McLean, Moffitt, Chan, Harvey), 1:48.86. -- San Jose State "D" (Beneke, Slaught, Nakamoto, Faria), 1:52.76.

1,000-yard Freestyle

1. Allison Brown (Stanford), 10:12.50. 2. Amy Friedhoff (SJSU), 10:26.61. 3. Michelle Berry (SJSU), 10:30.48. 5. Riley Spitser (SJSU), 10:47.37. -- Caitlin Lipton (SJSU), 10:56.27.

200-yard Freestyle

1. Maya Dirado (Stanford), 1:50.67. 4. Marisa DeWames (SJSU), 1:53.26. 6. Taylor Stoddard (SJSU) 1:56.09. 7. Danielle Smyth (SJSU), 2:00.39.

100-yard Backstroke

1.Megan Fischer-Colbrie (Stanford), 56.20. 3. Michaela McLean (SJSU), 58.46. 4. Haley Smith (SJSU), 58.61. 5. Brynne Beneke (SJSU), 59.88. --Christina Bruni (SJSU) 59.96.

100-yard Breaststroke

1.Katie Olsen (Stanford), 1:02.75. 2. Darcie Anderson (SJSU), 1:04.02. 4. Amanda Buxbaum (SJSU), 1:06.69. 6. Shannon Slaught (SJSU), 1:11.49.

200-yard Butterfly

1. Julia Craddock (SJSU), 2:04.08. 3. Andrea Chan (SJSU), 2:06.55. 4. Kayla Nakamoto (SJSU), 2:09.45.

50-yard Freestyle

1. Andi Murez (Stanford), 23.82. 2. Kiley Foster (SJSU), 23.87. 3. Erika Harvey (SJSU), 23.99. 5. Elana Faria (SJSU), 24.45. --Amber Nelson (SJSU), 24.92. --Allison Davis (SJSU), 25.52. -- Morgan Miller (SJSU), 25.72.

100-yard Freestyle

1. Marisa DeWames (SJSU), 51.60. 2. Kiley Foster (SJSU), 52.42. 3. Erika Harvey (SJSU), 52.46. -- Amber Nelson (SJSU), 53.52. --Elana Faria (SJSU), 53.63. --Caitlin Lipton (SJSU), 54.77.

200-yard Backstroke

1.Annemarie Thayer (Stanford), 2:00.97. 3. Haley Smith (SJSU), 2:07.08. 5. Brynne Beneke (SJSU), 2:08.06. 6. Christina Bruni (SJSU), 2:10.49. -- Morgan Miller (SJSU), 2:15.28.

200-yard Breaststroke

1. Darcie Anderson (SJSU), 2:18.15. 3. Amanda Buxbaum (SJSU), 2:23.51. 7. Shannon Slaught (SJSU), 2:37.93.

500-yard Freestyle

1. Julia Anderson (Stanford), 5:01.01. 2. Amy Friedhoff (SJSU), 5:05.66. 4. Michelle Berry (SJSU), 5:07.28. 6. Brooke Hammond (SJSU), 5:14.39. --Riley Spitser (SJSU), 5:18.85.

100-yard Butterfly

1. Ashlyn Acosta (SJSU), 6.5, Maya Dirado  (Stanford), 6.5. 4. Julia Craddock (SJSU), 57.08. 6. Andrea Chan (SJSU), 58.21. -- Michaela McLean (SJSU), 58.34. -- Kayla Nakamoto (SJSU), 59.34. -- Allison Davis (SJSU), 1:01.54.

200-yard IM

1. Andie Taylor (Stanford), 2:05.56. 2. Julia Craddock (SJSU), 2:07.09. 5. Andrea Chan (SJSU), 2:10.43. 6. Caitlin Lipton (SJSU), 2:12.55. -- Haley Smith (SJSU), 2:13.14. --Michelle Berry (SJSU), 2:14.75.

400-yard Freestyle Relay

1. San Jose State "A" (Harvey, Foster, Beneke, DeWames), 3:29.41. 2. San Jose State "B" (Anderson, Nelson, Smyth, Faria), 3:34.48. -- San Jose State "C" (Miller, Stoddard, Davis, Lipton), 3:42.58.

1-meter Diving

1. Jessica Holden (SJSU), 236.48. 2. Amy Kilby (SJSU), 229.50.

3-meter Diving

1.Lillian Hinrichs (Stanford), 259.58. 2. Amy Kilby (SJSU), 244.80. 3. Jessica Holden (SJSU), 244.28.