Q&A With Amy Friedhoff

Amy Friedhoff is one of six true freshmen on the 2008-09 San Jose State swimming and diving team. The native of Federal Way, Wash., swims the distance and middle-distance freestyle events. Amy already ranks third all-time at San Jose State in the 500 free and 1000 free, fourth in the 1650 free, and eighth in the 200 free.

Entering her first Western Athletic Conference Championship, Amy boasts the top marks in the entire Western Athletic Conference in the 500 and 1650. Amy is majoring in environmental studies.

San Jose State, having concluded the regular season with a program-best dual meet record of 16-1, arrived safely in San Antonio, Texas, on Monday, February 23, for the WAC Championship, which begins on Wednesday night, February 25. Amy is our latest guest for our website mini-feature, Swimming & Diving Q&A.

1. Who are some of your favorite musical artists? What’s the current ringtone on your cell?
I’m a pretty big fan of blink-182. They’re always blaring in my dorm room. I also really like Jimmy Eat World, and Fleetwood Mac. As for my ringtone, I’m not sure. It’s basically a weird techno/scream-at-you tune that came with the phone. It was either that or the Happy Birthday’ song.

2. Any favorite movies or television shows?
I’m obsessed with the TV show “Lost.” It’s actually a love-hate thing, because I absolutely hate it when I’m watching it. The show is so confusing, yet I seem to come back to it every week. Don’t ask. For movies, my favorites would be Cool Runnings and Dirty Dancing.

3. Do you have any favorite restaurants in the area?
I LOVE Chili’s. It is SO good. Pizza My Heart isn’t too shabby, either, and I’m a frequent customer at Penguin Froyo.
4. What is your favorite place you have visited? Is there a place in particular you would like to go some day?
I love any beach. If I could, I would become a beach bum and live in a tent. My favorite is probably Cannon Beach, Ore. I spent a lot of time there with my family when I was younger, and it always reminds me of some good times. And if I were really rich, I would travel around the world and visit every single beach.

5. What made you come all the way down to San Jose State from Federal Way, Wash.?
I basically came here to get away from the constant grayness that is Washington, and the three-month-long downpour of constant rain.

6. How do you feel you have adjusted from high school and club swimming, to Division I college swimming? How much of a change has it been?
I think I’ve done pretty well. It is a lot different, just because it is so team-oriented. But I love it, and I love all the girls on the team.

7. Did you have any expectation that you might find this much individual success this soon at the college level?
Honestly, I am really surprised with my times this season. It took me forever to break five minutes in the 500 (freestyle) during high school, and then at Nike Cup (last November), I broke five minutes like it was nothing (4:54.67). It is both surprising and exhilarating.

8. Away from the pool, how have you enjoyed college life thus far in your first year?
College life is really fun. Everything is within walking distance; friends, movie theaters, and food. Of course, I have been home sick quite a bit, but everything is so fast-paced, there is always something to do, that it’s easy to get caught up in the entertainment and just have fun.

9. San Jose State went 16-1 on the dual year and also posted runner-up finishes at the UCI/Nike Cup and Ayres Relay Invitational, in what has been a banner season for the program. Please talk about your team success a little bit.
We went into the WAC Shootout as underdogs, yet we had the drive and spirit of a 10-time champion. When it was announced that we had won the meet, our excitement and the possibility of future success kept us driving forward. We used this win as encouragement, because it proved we were a team to be watched. Every meet after that, our confidence built, but not to the point of arrogance. We stuck together as a team, we swam as a team, and we won like a team.

10. You’re getting ready for your first WAC Championship. How anxious and excited are you? What are your individual and team goals for that meet?
I am beyond nervous for WAC. Yesterday, Sage showed us clips of last year’s relays, and even then, my hands were sweating. I can only imagine what I am going to be like on the first day of the meet, but I am also so excited. I want to leave now. As for the team goal, I want us to win. It’s going to be a close race for places 1-4, but I think we have it in us to pass by Nevada, New Mexico and NAU. We just have to bring our stuff, which we will. I personally am shooting to break the school records in the 500 and 1650.

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