Spartans Win Going Away On Senior Day

San Jose, Calif. - By its largest margin of victory over a Division I school this season and on the day that five seniors were competing in their final home meet, the San Jose State women's swimming and diving team defeated Western Athletic Conference-rival Fresno State 197-100.
The Spartans finish the season with a dual-meet record of 8-1, while Fresno State ends at 4-6.
"For the most part, we are right where we need to be," head coach Sage Hopkins said after the win.  "Now it is a matter of staying healthy, getting the ladies to remain calm and do what they know how to do."
Seniors Rudie Guerrero, Julia Koch, Ashley Krisman, Caitlin Macky and Julie Wynn all contributed to the win in their final appearance at The Aquatics Center on the San Jose State campus.
Koch, who after winning the 200 free and 500 free for her fifth and sixth dual-meet wins of the season reflected on what the sport has meant to her.
"Swimming has been such a big part of my life," Koch said.  "I don't know if I will be able to give it up completely, but I know I will never be swimming at this level again.
"Swimming has kept me motivated in school.  If I hadn't been on this team I don't know if I would have made it as far as I have.  It has taught me so much about life and fighting through adversity to achieve a goal.
Guerrero, who won the 100 back and 100 fly joined , Darcie Anderson, Kiley Foster, Marisa DeWames, Julia Craddock and Heather Denman as multi-race winners.
"Today is a bit sad," Ashley Krisman said after her 1000 freestyle swim. "In my four years at San Jose State I have gotten to know a great group of girls.  Being able to swim with them every day is an incredible feeling."
"Athletics teaches you determination, to keep trying no matter what the circumstances are and that's something that I will take with me for the rest of my life."
In the final race of the day, Julie Wynn swam the anchor of the winning 200 freestyle relay.
"Swimming has been such a big part of my life," Wynn said.  "That fact that the end of my competitive career is here started sinking in last week. I feel sad because I don't want it to be over."
"(The five seniors) were the first class that I recruited into our program," Hopkins said.  "They really helped make this team what it is today.  We are being recognized nationally and that is a true testament to the work, sacrifice and dedication of those five ladies."
In diving, SJSU's Amy Kilby took the 3-meter competition with a score of 260.25.  It was her second 3-meter dual-meet win of the season.  Jessica Holden finished in fourth with 246.98 points.
The 1-meter competition was won by Fresno State's Stacy Luke.  Holden and Kilby came in third and fourth with scores of 264.68 and 242.48, respectively.  Sophomore Sonia Wymiarkiewicz, in her collegiate debut, finished in sixth place with a 187.80 total.
San Jose State/Fresno State Dual Meet
February 5, 2011
Results (Winners plus San Jose State competitors)
200 Medley Relay
1. SJSU "B" (Denman, Anderson, Craddock, Foster) 1:46.67  3. SJSU "A" (Swinney, Macky, Guerrero, Wynn) 1:49.20  4. SJSU "C" (Boyd, Bergis, Acosta, Brown) 1:53.97

1000 Freestyle
1. Amy Friedhoff (SJSU) 10:30.78  3. Megan Mills (SJSU) 10:48.16 4. Ashley Krisman (SJSU) 10:53.01

200 Freestyle
1. Julia Koch (SJSU) 1:53.21  2. Taylor Stoddard (SJSU) 1:56.12  3. Brittney Boyd (SJSU) 1:57.27  5. Julie Wynn (SJSU) 1:59.18  

100 Backstroke
1. Rudie Guerrero (SJSU) 58.22  2. Heather Denman (SJSU) 58.35  4. Briana Swinney (SJSU) 59.96  

100 Breaststroke
1. Darcie Anderson (SJSU) 1:05.29  3. Caitlin Macky (SJSU) 1:06.92  4. Karly Brown (SJSU) 1:09.56  5. Christina Bergis (SJSU) 1:12.63

200 Butterfly
1. Julia Craddock (SJSU) 2:03.96  2. Ashlyn Acosta (SJSU) 2:08.10

50 Freestyle
1. Dani Yoho (FS) 23.50  2. Kiley Foster (SJSU) 24.03  3. Erika Harvey (SJSU) 24.06  4. Marisa DeWames (SJSU) 24.11  5. Elana Faria (SJSU) 24.91  --Danielle Smyth (SJSU) 25.28  --Ashley Krisman (SJSU) 25.98

100 Freestyle
1. Marisa DeWames (SJSU) 51.79   2. Kiley Foster (SJSU) 52.85  2. Erika Harvey (SJSU) 52.85  5. Julie Wynn (SJSU) 54.58  -- Brittney Boyd (SJSU) 53.76  -- Elana Faria (SJSU) 53.98  -- Danielle Smyth (SJSU) 54.99

200 Backstroke
1. Heather Denman (SJSU) 2:06.13  3. Briana Swinney (SJSU) 2:10.72

200 Breaststroke
1. Darcie Anderson (SJSU) 2:20.54  3. Karly Brown (SJSU) 2:31.32  4. Christina Bergis (SJSU) 2:33.68

500 Freestyle
1. Julia Koch (SJSU) 5:01.66  2. Amy Friedhoff (SJSU) 5:08.37  4. Megan Mills (SJSU) 5:18.13  4. Taylor Stoddard (SJSU) 5:19.25  

100 Butterfly
1. Rudie Guerrero (SJSU) 58.76  -- Ashlyn Acosta (SJSU) 58.41  -- Julia Craddock (SJSU) 58.55

200 IM
1. Caitlin Macky (SJSU) 2:12.16  --Heather Denman (SJSU) 2:08.72  -- Julia Craddock (SJSU) 2:09.42  

200 Freestyle Relay
1. SJSU"B" (DeWames, Foster, Harvey, Wynn) 1:37.00  --SJSU "C" (Faria, Acosta, Boyd, Smyth) 1:41.49  --SJSU "A" (Guerrero, Koch, Krisman, Macky) 1:41.79  --SJSU "D" (Anderson, Stoddard, Friedhoff, Brown) 1:41.95

1-Meter Diving
1. Stacy Luke (FS) 271.65  3. Jessica Holden (SJSU) 264.68  4. Amy Kilby (SJSU) 242.48  6. Sonia Wymiarkiewicz (SJSU) 187.80

3-Meter Diving
1. Amy Kilby (SJSU) 260.25  4. Jessica Holden (SJSU) 246.98  

Team Result
San Jose State 197
   Fresno State 100