Spartans Win Ninth Straight Dual On Senior Day

San Jose, Calif. - The San Jose State women's swimming and diving team recognized 11 seniors and celebrated their last home meet of the season with a 199-96 win against the Fresno State Bulldogs.

In the 16-event dual meet, the Spartans had 13 first-place finishes and set two pool records.

Seniors Marisa DeWames, Amy Friedhoff and junior Darcie Anderson each won two races and senior diver Amy Kilby took both diving competitions.

In her two wins, DeWames broke The Aquatics Center records in the 50 and 100 freestyle with times of 23.27 and 50.44, respectively. 

"I was really excited," said DeWames "I was trying not to get overwhelmed with outside thoughts and concerns. I needed to stay eternalized and think about what I needed to do and get it done."

DeWames later teamed up with Danielle Smyth, Kiley Foster, and Julia Craddock in a 200 freestyle relay win in a time of 1:36.96.

Friedhoff's two victories came in the 200 freestyle where she touched in 1:53.46 and the 500 freestyle in 4:59.17.

Anderson had times of 1:04.14 in the 100 breaststroke and 2:20.67 in the 200 breaststroke for her two wins.  

Anderson also swam the 200 medley relay with Haley Smith, Ashlyn Acosta, and Kiley Foster and placed first with a time of 1:45.19.

Kilby placed first in the 1-meter (292.20 points) and 3-meter (332.70) diving events.

Other first place finishers for the Spartans were freshman Riley Spitser, senior Andrea Chan, sophomore Haley Smith, and junior Ashlyn Acosta.

"We have a tremendous group of student athletes," said head coach Sage Hopkins. "At this point most of our work for the year is done. We are mostly refining things, resting, and staying healthy and getting faster every day. It has been a great year and we are excited to finish it up."

The Spartans travel to San Antonio, Texas on Monday, February 25 to compete against North Dakota in their last dual meet of the season.  They then begain defense of their conference championship in the 2013 WAC Championships which begin two day's later, on Wednesday, February 27 in the Palo Alto Natatorium in San Antonio.

San Jose State University

San Jose State 199, Fresno State 96

February 2, 2013

200 Medley Relay

1. San Jose State "A" (Smith, Anderson, Acosta, Foster), 1:45.19. --- San Jose State "B" (Bruni, Moffitt, Craddock, DeWames), DQ.

1000 Freestyle

1. Riley Spitser (SJSU), 10:18.08. 2. Michelle Berry (SJSU), 10:27.72. 3. Brooke Hammond (SJSU), 10:41.18. 4. Caitlin Lipton (SJSU), x10:41.29.

200 Freestyle

1. Amy Friedhoff (SJSU), 1:52.46. 2. Erika Harvey (SJSU), 1:54.32. 4. Amber Nelson (SJSU), 1:57.58. --- Julia Craddock (SJSU), x1:53.55. --- Taylor Stoddard (SJSU), x1:56.55.

100 Backstroke

1. Alex Madsen (Fresno), 57.86. 2. Christina Bruni (SJSU), 59.34. 3. Haley Smith (SJSU), 59.43. 6. Michaela McLean (SJSU), x1:02.24. --- Morgan Miller (SJSU), x1:02.58.

100 Breaststroke

1. Darcie Anderson (SJSU), 1:04.14. 3. Natasha Moffitt (SJSU), 1:07.43. 4. Amanda Buxbaum (SJSU), 1:08.00.

200 Butterfly

1. Andrea Chan (SJSU), 2:02.59. 2. Ashlyn Acosta (SJSU), 2:04.44. 3. Julia Craddock (SJSU), 2:07.70. 4. Kayla Nakamoto (SJSU), x2:08.30.

50 Freestyle

1. Marisa DeWames (SJSU), 23.27. 3. Kiley Foster (SJSU), 24.08. 4. Elana Faria (SJSU), 24.15. 5. Danielle Smyth (SJSU), x24.67. ---Amber Nelson (SJSU), x25.35.

1 Meter Diving

1. Amy Kilby (SJSU), 292.20. 3. Jessica Holden (SJSU), 278.17.

100 Freestyle

1. Marisa DeWames (SJSU), 50.44. 2. Erika Harvey (SJSU), 52.93. 4. Kiley Foster (SJSU), 53.65. 5. Danielle Smyth (SJSU), x54.29. ---Elana Faria (SJSU), x53.16. ---Alli Davis (SJSU), x54.33. ---Amber Nelson (SJSU), x54.75. --- Taylor Stoddard (SJSU), x54.93.

200 Backstroke

1. Haley Smith (SJSU), 2:07.85. 2. Christina Bruni (SJSU), 2:08.00. 3. Brynne Beneke (SJSU), 2:09.31. 6. Morgan Miller (SJSU), x2:16.32.

200 Breaststroke

1. Darcie Anderson (SJSU), 2:20.67. 2. Amanda Buxbaum (SJSU), 2:25.80. 3. Natasha Moffitt (SJSU), 2:26.91.

500 Freestyle

1. Amy Friedhoff (SJSU), 4:59.17. 2. Riley Spitser (SJSU), 5:00.40. 3. Michelle Berry (SJSU), 5:07.84. 5. Brooke Hammond (SJSU), x5:14.46. 6. Caitlin Litpon (SJSU), x5:14.99.

100 Butterfly

1. Ashlyn Acosta (SJSU), 56.15. 2, Andrea Chan (SJSU), 56.67. 3. Kayla Nakamoto (SJSU), 58.68. 4. Alli Davis (SJSU), x59.83.

3 Meter Diving

1. Amy Kilby (SJSU), 332.70. 2. Jessica Holden (SJSU), 313.72.

200 IM

1. Brittany Buna (Fresno), 2:14.19. --- Julia Craddock (SJSU), x2:06.11. ---Andrea Chan (SJSU), 2:07.20. ---Alli Davis (SJSU), x2:10.62. ---Haley Smith (SJSU), x2:12.51. --- Michelle Berry (SJSU), x2:13.08. ---Ashlyn Acosta (SJSU), x2:13.15. --- Amanda Buxbaum (SJSU), x2:13.48.

200 Freestyle Relay

1. Fresno State "A", 1:36.96. --- San Jose State "A" (DeWames, Smyth, Foster, Craddock), x1:36.10. --- San Jose State "B" (Harvey, Nelson, Davis, Beneke), x1:38.56. ---San Jose State "C" (Friedhoff, Miller, Chan, Spitser), x1:39.88.