Q&A With Jessica Holden

Jessica Holden is one of six true freshmen and three divers on the 2008-09 San Jose State swimming and diving team. The native of Fair Oaks, Calif., already earned her first Western Athletic Conference Diver of the Week accolade earlier this season, and along with sophomore teammate Jo Thibodaux, has qualified for the NCAA Zone E Diving Meet in Austin, Texas, March 12-14.

Jessica, who has not declared her major yet, is our latest guest for our occasional website mini-feature, Swimming & Diving Q&A.

1. Who are some of your favorite musical artists? What’s the current ringtone on your cell?
I listen to all types of music, so I don’t really have a favorite musical artist. My current ringtone is Circus by Britney Spears! : ) haha

2. Do you have any favorite movies or television shows?
I love Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill. My favorite movies are The Notebook, 300 and Step Brothers.

3. What are some of your favorite foods? Do you have a favorite restaurant in the area?
Cookies and ice cream would have to be my all-time favorite foods! : ) My favorite restaurant around here is BJ’s, because of their amazing pizza and of course the desserts.

4. What is your favorite place you have visited? Is there a place in particular you would like to go some day?
My most favorite place I have visited is definitely Hawaii, because I absolutely love the beaches there, and the weather is always nice! Some day, I would like to go on a trip to either Europe or the Bahamas!

5. What made you decide to come to San Jose State University?
I decided to come to San Jose State because of how much fun I had on my recruiting trip when I was here. Both Sage (Hopkins) and Brian (Tanner) were extremely nice, and from what I could tell from my short visit, were great coaches. Also, I have a lot of family in this area, which also had an influence on my decision to come to SJSU.

6. How did it feel to be named the conference Diver of the Week after sweeping the one-meter and three-meter events over Boise State back in November?
It felt amazing to be named WAC Diver of the Week back in November! It finally started to feel like all my hard work and effort was starting to pay off.

7. Away from the pool, how did you like your first semester of college life?
My first semester of college life was a lot of fun, even though I was definitely not used to sharing a room! It was nice having a lot of freedom and getting to meet a lot of new people!

8. How do you feel you have adjusted from high school and club diving, to Division I college diving? How much of a change is it?
In comparison to high school and club diving, college diving is quite different. It is definitely more intense and more of a team sport, rather than an individual sport. We practice more and harder, but it eventually pays off! It’s also a lot of fun getting to travel and compete at different places.

9. The Spartans are 14-1 with two more dual meets remaining at home. Looking ahead, how eager and excited are you for your first WAC Championship in late February?
I am most definitely very excited for my first WAC Championship, which is coming up here pretty soon! We have a really strong team this year, and are expected to do really well in San Antonio.

10. Between one-meter, three-meter and platform, do you prefer any event in particular? For the casual diving observer, how difficult is it to go off the platform?
Between one-meter, three-meter and platform, I prefer competing on three-meter because it is easier to do a wider variety of dives, which look more interesting than the dives that everyone does on one-meter.

What many people don’t know about platform diving, is that it is quite hard on a diver’s body. From the ten-meter platform, which is thirty feet in the air, a person is expected to hit the water going around 30 miles per hour. Diving platform has started to grow on me, and I am finally getting more comfortable with it.

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