Q&A With Katey Nelson

Katey Nelson is one of four fourth-year seniors on the 2008-09 San Jose State swimming and diving team. The native of Santa Rosa, Calif., swims the backstroke and middle-distance freestyle events, and ranks fifth all-time in school history in her specialty, the 200 backstroke. She is majoring in hospitality, tourism and event management, with a minor in business.

With just two final home appearances remaining at The Aquatics Center over the next two Saturdays, Katey is our latest guest for our occasional website mini-feature, Swimming & Diving Q&A.

San Jose State, at 14-1 and on an incredible 14-meet win streak, hosts two-time defending Western Athletic Conference champion Nevada this Saturday, January 31, at The Aquatics Center. The start time has been moved from 1:00 p.m. to an earlier 11:00 a.m.

1. Who are some of your favorite musical artists? What’s the current ringtone on your cell?
I really like all types of music except country. Right now, I am listening to Akon and Ludacris. I mostly like rap and reggae. As for my ringtone, I had Dead and Gone by Justin Timberlake and T.I. until my phone stopped working last week. Now the phone I’m using doesn’t have ringtones. Haha.

2. Any favorite movies or television shows?
I don’t watch much television, but I really like The Hills on MTV, and I am just starting to watch Tool Academy on VH1.

3. What are some of your favorite foods? Do you have a favorite restaurant in the area?
This is a hard question, because I enjoy all types of foods. If I would have to choose a favorite, I would say Mexican food. I like to go to BJ’s because they have such a variety of food and their famous pizookies are so tasty.

4. What is your favorite place you have visited? Is there a place in particular you would like to go some day?
I loved visiting Cancun, Mexico. I went with my family when I was 13 years old, and it was so beautiful there. I would love to go to Australia, New York and Costa Rica some day.

5. If you could fill one person’s shoes for a day, who would it be and why?
Right now, I would like to be in President Obama’s shoes for a day. I think it would be interesting to see what he is going through as a new president. He has many challenges ahead of him, and I would love to see what his life is like.

6. If you could be on any reality television show, which one would it be?
I would like be on American Idol. I can’t sing at all, but I think it would be funny to try. I would also like to see what Simon would say about me.

7. If you could have dinner with any three people in history, who would they be?
I would choose Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Al Gore. They all are very influential, brilliant people in their own ways.

8. How have you enjoyed your role as a senior and veteran leader on this team? Do you feel like your senior season came by quickly?
Being a senior means so much. I never totally understood until now. I have enjoyed being a Spartan swimmer all four years, and am so sad to be done. I know we will be successful at WAC, and cannot wait for the meet this weekend.

The end of the season came so quickly. After we came back from winter break, practices and meets have gone by so fast. I can’t even believe we only have one month left. It seems like yesterday that I was hanging out in the freshman dorms with all my friends. I can’t believe that was four years ago.

9. You guys take a 14-1 dual record and a 14-meet win streak into a critical test at home against the two-time defending Western Athletic Conference champion Nevada Wolf Pack this Saturday. Talk about that much-anticipated showdown a little bit.
They are a very good team. Each person will have someone to race against this weekend in every event, which will be exciting. We have a great opportunity to swim fast this weekend because our competition is so great. This will be a head-to-head competition, and we are staying focused and positive throughout this week. This is also a good test and example of just some of the competition at WAC in the end of February.

10. Regardless of this Saturday’s outcome, the Spartans will head into the 2009 WAC Championship next month with high expectations and one single goal in mind. What do you expect out of yourself and your team at that event?
I expect everyone to get a lifetime-best time. This is possible because every single one of us has been working so hard. I want to come back to finals in all three of my events, and place in the top five in the 200 back. I know our team is going to do great at WAC, especially because we are very spirited and have positive attitudes. I’m ready to see what each of us can accomplish individually and as a team at conference.

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