Spartans Finish Second At USD Relay Meet

San Diego, Calif. – Competing in its second meet in as many days in southern California, the San Jose State swimming team finished in second place among four teams at the USD Relay Meet on Sunday afternoon.


The Spartans, with 138 points, finished behind WAC-rival Boise State, which compiled 184 points in the win.  The University of San Diego came in third with 66 points and Loyola Marymount finished in fourth with 52.


Intending to use this meet as a training tool, head coach Sage Hopkins was less concerned with the teams finish. His goal was to have the swimmers race hard in back-to-back events and feel comfortable in that situation. 


At the WAC Championships, less than seven weeks away, they may face similar racing situations.  Having his athletes swim in this type of competitive situation will make them more comfortable if they find themselves in it again down the road.


“We were able to accomplish what we wanted,” Hopkins said.  “This was a solid team performance.”


Among the 10 events that were contested, the Spartans’ team of Amy Friedhoff, Julia Koch, and Julia Craddock won the 1500 free relay in a time of 15:18.34.


In the remaining nine events, the Spartans top finishers came home in second place seven times and in third place in the other two.


San Jose State returns to dual meet action on Friday, January 14 in Hayward, Calif. as they face Cal State East Bay.  The meet is scheduled to begin at 1 p.m.




USD Relay Meet

January 9, 2011

Results (Winners and San Jose State competitors)


300 Butterfly Relay


1. BSU “A” 2:50.21  2. SJSU “A” (Craddock, Guerrero, Acosta) 2:55.09  7. SJSU “B” (macky, Smyth Anderson) 3:03.03


300 Backstroke Relay


1. BSU “A” 2:54.41  2. SJSU “A” (Guerrero, Swinney, Yamaguchi) 2:56.97  6. SJSU “B” (Friedhoff, Boyd, Acosta) 3:07.17  8. SJSU “C” (Brown, Macky Wynn) 3:12.64


300 Breaststroke Relay


1. BSU “A” 3:19.54  2. SJSU “A” (Anderson, Macky, Brown) 3:21.90  7. SJSU “B” (Bergis, Craddock, Krisman) 3:32.24


800 Freestyle Relay


1. BSU “A” 7:32.87  2. SJSU “A” (Friedhoff, Koch, DeWames, Foster) 7:33.11  5. SJSU “B” (Stoddard, Harvey Mills, Wynn) 7:56.00  7. SJSU “C” (Lipton, Boyd, Faria, Brown) 8:08.64


500 Freestyle Relay


1. BSU ”A” 4:33.08  3. SJSU “B” (Faria, Wynn, Craddock, Friedhoff) 4:37.52  4. SJSU “A” (Harvey, DeWames, Kiley, Koch) 4:38.18  7. SJSU “D” (Krisman, Yamaguchi, Swinney, Stoddard) 4:47.51  8. SJSU “C” (Bergis, Guerrero, Boyd, Lipton) 4:50.67


400 Medley Relay


1. BSU “A” 3:51.58  2. SJSU “A” (Guerrero, Anderson, Craddock, DeWames) 3:53.74  5. SJSU “B” (Swinney, Macky, Acosta, Foster) 4:02.95  8. SJSU “C” (Boyd, Bergis, Smyth, Brown) 4:16.05


200 Freestyle Relay


1. BSU “A” 1:36.52  3. SJSU “A” (DeWames, Harvey, Foster, Boyd) 1:38.49  5. SJSU “B” (Faria, Wynn, Smyth, Anderson) 1:39.60  8. SJSU “C” (Stoddard, Mills, Krisman, Bergis) 1:45.96


1500 Freestyle Relay


1. SJSU “A” (Friedhoff, Koch, Craddock) 15:18.34  6. SJSU “B” (Stoddard, Mills, Lipton) 16:16.54


400 Medley Relay


1. BSU “A” 4:03.03  2. SJSU “A” (Craddock, Macky, Brown, Guerrero) 4:07.50  4. SJSU “B” (Acosta, Anderson, Friedhofgf, Yamaguchi) 4:09.77  10. SJSU “C” (Wynn, Smyth, Bergis, Mills) 4:29.29  11. SJSU “D” (Koch, Harvey, Lipton) 4:31.24


400 Freestyle Relay


1. BSU “A” 3:31.93  2. SJSU “A” (Harvey, DeWames, Foster, Koch) 3:35.56  4. SJSU “B” (Anderson, Faria, Craddock, Acosta) 3:37.22  8. SJSU “C” (Lipton, Stoddard, Mills, Smyth) 3:45.03


Team Scores


1. Boise State                     184

2. San Jose State              138

3. Univ. of San Diego            66

4. Loyola Marymount            52