Freestyle Relay Teams Help Lead Spartans to Top-3 Finish

SAN DIEGO – Two wins and eight other top-five finishes Saturday helped lead the San Jose State women’s swimming team to a third-place finish at the University of San Diego Relay Meet.
The Spartans finished third at Saturday's meet with 211 points. UCLA won the meet with 276 points.
San Jose State’s strength in the breaststroke event came through for the team’s first win of the day in the 300 breaststroke relay. Darcie Anderson, Kirsten Trammell and Karly Brown made up the squad that finished in a winning time of 3 minutes, 14.31 seconds.
Trammell returned later to help lead the 400 medley relay team to a win in 3:50.15. Heather Denman, Michaela McLean and Marisa DeWames were also part of the winning quartet.
A variety of Spartan freestyle relay teams helped lift the team in the final meet standings, including a 3-4 finish by the 500 freestyle “A” and “B” teams. The 200 freestyle relay team of DeWames, Kiley Foster, Erika Harvey and Meghan McCurley finished third in 1:37.51, and that same foursome would later finish second in the 400 freestyle relay in 3:30.80.
The 800 freestyle relay team of McCurley, Harvey, Foster and Amy Friedhoff, took fourth in 7:43.87, while DeWames would take Harvey’s spot in the quartet for the 500 freestyle relay, as San Jose State finished third in 4:39.13.
San Jose State also grabbed top-five finishes in the 300 butterfly relay (fourth, 2:52.14), 300 backstroke relay (fifth, 2:57.40) and 400 Medley 4x100 IM relay (fourth, 4:01.54).
The Spartans will host Senior Day at the Aquatics Center, Friday, Jan. 13th, in their final home meet of the season when Cal State East Bay visits. Seven seniors will be honored before swimming in their final home meet as a Spartan.
USD Relay Meet -- Jan. 7, 2012
1. UCLA 276 2. Boise State 225 3. San Jose State 211 4. Rice 168 5. Tulane 132 6. San Diego 121 7. Colorado College  49
(Event winners and SJSU finishers)
300 Butterfly Relay
1. UCLA "A", 2:50.17. 4. SJSU "A" (Julia Craddock, Heather Denman, Michaela McLean), 2:52.14. 10. SJSU "B" (Karly Brown, Andrea Chan, Kirsten Trammell), 3:02.83.
300 Backstroke Relay
1. Colorado College "A", 2:45.54. 5. SJSU "A" (Briana Swinney, Haley Smith, Denman), 2:57.40. 9. SJSU "B" (Amy Friedhoff, McLean, Christina Bruni), 3:02.05.
300 Breaststroke Relay
1. SJSU "A" (Darcie Anderson, Trammell, Brown), 3:14.31. 11. SJSU "B" (Chan, Christina Bergis, Brittney Boyd), 3:37.30.
800 Freestyle Relay
1. Boise State "A", 7:32.66. 4. SJSU "A" (Meghan McCurley, Friedhoff, Erika Harvey, Kiley Foster), 7:43.87.  9. SJSU "B" (Danielle Smyth, Swinney, Amber Nelson, Megan Mills), 8:01.05.
500 Freestyle Relay
1. UCLA "A", 4:33.04 17. 3. SJSU "A" (Marisa DeWames, Foster, McCurley, Friedhoff), 4:39.13. 4. SJSU "B" 4:40.91 13 (Smyth, Boyd, Craddock, Anderson)
400 Medley Relay
1. SJSU "A" (Denman, Trammell, McLean, DeWames), 3:50.15. 6. SJSU "B" (Smith, Anderson, Craddock, Harvey), 4:01.43.
200 Freestyle Relay
1. UCLA "A", 1:35.92 17. 3. SJSU "A" (DeWames, Foster, Harvey, McCurley), 1:37.51. 8. SJSU "B" (Boyd, Brown, Nelson, Smyth), 1:40.04.
1500 Freestyle Relay
1. Boise State "A", 15:39.03. 9. SJSU "A" (Friedhoff, Mills, Taylor Stoddard), 16:14.35.
400 Medley 4x100 IM Relay
1. UCLA "A", 3:57.80. 4. SJSU "A" (Anderson, Craddock, Trammell, Denman), 4:01.54. 8. SJSU "B" (McLean, Smith, Chan, Brown), 4:08.81. 12. SJSU "C" (Bruni, Caitlin Lipton, Kayla Nakamoto, Bergis), x4:27.32.
400 Freestyle Relay
1. Boise State "A", 3:26.86. 2. SJSU "A" (DeWames, Foster, Harvey, McCurley), 3:30.80. 8. SJSU "B" (Boyd, Nelson, Chan, Smyth), 3:38.40. 12. SJSU "C" (Swinney, Smith, Stoddard, Bruni), x3:40.84. 16. SJSU "D" (Nakamoto, Mills, Bergis, Lipton), x3:54.49.