Q&A With Tarolyn Robertson

Tarolyn Robertson is one of four fourth-year seniors on the 2008-09 San Jose State swimming and diving team. The native of Santee, Calif., one of three team captains, swims the sprint butterfly and freestyle events. She is majoring in business administration, with a concentration in finance and an eye toward possibly becoming a financial advisor or moving on to graduate school after college.

Although classes don’t start for the spring semester until later this month, the Spartan swimmers and divers are back in training as the current season continues. Tarolyn is our latest guest for our occasional website mini-feature, Swimming & Diving Q&A.

1. Who are some of your favorite musical artists? What’s the current ringtone on your cell?
I listen to pretty much anything, but I love country music. My favorite singers are Brad Paisley, Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban and Tim McGraw. My current ringtone is “You Look Good In My Shirt,” by Keith Urban.

2. Any favorite movies or television shows? Did you see any movies during the holidays?
My all-time favorite movie is Sweet Home Alabama. I pretty much like any romance movie or comedy. As for television shows, I really like Sex and the City and Friends. For Christmas, I got every season of Sex and the City, which should help pass the time between practices over break. Over the holidays, I saw Valkyrie and Four Christmases. I thought Valkyrie was really well done and one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time.

3. What are some of your favorite foods? Do you have a favorite restaurant in the area?
I’m a really picky eater, but when I’m back home, I eat as much Mexican food as possible. I love home-made tacos and enchiladas. My mom taught me how to make sour cream and chicken enchiladas, so I try to make them whenever I have time to cook a full meal. Also, I love anything my grandma makes, especially her potato casserole. As for my favorite restaurant in the area, I’m a big fan of P.F. Chang’s.

4. How did you spend the holiday season?
I spent the holiday season back home in San Diego. My sister (Traci) and I were both home from college, so my parents were really excited. Most of my time was spent training and with my family and friends, and of course I did a little shopping.

5. Any great holiday gifts you gave or received this year?
This year was my sister’s first year away at college (water polo player at Siena College in Loudonville, N.Y.), so she got me a sweatshirt from her school. It may sound odd that my favorite gift was a simple sweatshirt, but I wear my sweatshirt all the time because I miss her a lot. Also, I feel like it shows how proud I am of her. She’s living on the East Coast and on a water polo and academic scholarship, and doing really well for herself. I couldn’t be more proud of my little sister.

6. What is your favorite place you have visited? Is there a place in particular you would like to go some day?
This is tough. My parents have always taken my sister and I with them on their world travels, even when we were little. Because of this, we have been able to travel to so many places. For my high school graduation, we took a family cruise off the Tahitian islands, which was amazing. A few years before that, we went to Fiji. Some day, I want to go to Australia and Greece. I’ve heard they are both very beautiful places.

7. You’re from San Diego and we know you as a fan of the San Diego Chargers. How do you like the Chargers’ chances this Sunday in Pittsburgh?
Saying I’m a fan of the Chargers is an understatement. They’ve been playing really well and I think they can pull off a win against Pittsburgh. I have lots of faith in Philip Rivers and the rest of the team, because the past few games, they’ve really shown they can play well and win in intense situations.

8. If you could have dinner with any three people in history, who would they be?
LaDainian Tomlinson, Princess Grace Kelly and Eddie Aikau. My coach had myself and the other two captains read the book, Eddie Would Go, and it was really interesting.

9. How have you enjoyed your role as a team captain thus far?
I’ve really enjoyed being a captain. At the end of last season, it meant a lot to me to be voted captain by my teammates. I try to do my best to be someone the girls can come to for whatever reason. Most of all, though, I want to be a good role model to my teammates. I want to show the other girls what it means to have Spartan pride.

10. San Jose State is 10-1 and on a 10-meet win streak. The Spartans face UC Davis and Fresno State in a double dual next on Saturday, January 10, in Davis . Fresno State is a traditional rival and nobody on this team has beaten UC Davis. Talk about the upcoming meet a little bit.
Knowing we have never beaten UC Davis is definitely motivating to the team. We know they will be a challenge, because every year, they are prepared and at their best when they swim us. The last few seasons, the scores have been fairly close, and it would be great to finally beat Davis. The team has obviously been doing very well, and I couldn’t be more proud of this team. To add another win would be amazing. As for Fresno, they’re really doing well for their first season, and are a very friendly team whom we have a lot of respect for. GO Spartans!

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