Spartans Coast To Wins Over UCSC, Cal Lutheran

Colleen Humel set the school record in the 100 individual medley on Saturday, November 5.
Dec. 5, 2015

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Santa Cruz, Calif. --- Setting two school records and taking first place in 9-of-11 events, the San Jose State Spartans swimming and diving team beat the UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs, 139-91, and the Cal Lutheran Regals, 138-58, on Saturday, November 5.

En route to the double win, diver Cari Reiswig broke the Spartans’ school record in the 1-meter springboard and qualified for the NCAA Zone Diving Championships with a score of 301.75 in a first place finish. The previous school record of 301.45 was set by Reiswig against UC Santa Cruz last season.

San Jose State’s Kylie Fonseca placed second with a mark of 293.59 and also qualified for the zone championship. The mark to surpass to qualify for the NCAA Zone Diving Championships is 265.00 points. Freshman Megan Au finished third for the Spartans.

Finishing the day with two wins, Colleen Humel set San Jose State’s school record in the 100 individual medley, an event added by the NCAA this season, with a time of 59.96. Humel posted a mark of 58.40 to finish first in the 100 butterfly.

The Spartans went one, two, three in the 100 individual medley against the Banana Slugs and Regels. Finishing second for San Jose State was Taylor Solorio with a time of 1:00.96 and Taylor Lehr finished third with a mark of 1:01.96.

San Jose State also had first place finishes by Kimberlee Giggey in the 50 freestyle, Allyson Fellows in the 500 freestyle, Lisa Ellis in the 100 backstroke and Riley Spitser in the 1000 freestyle.

In 400 medley relay, the Spartans finished first with the team of Lehr, Natasha Moffitt, Marley Maluafiti and Kendal Guy while grabbing second and third place finishes.

by Brian S. Stanley, SJSU athletics media relations student assistant

Meet Results

Team Scores:

San Jose State 139, UC Santa Cruz 91

San Jose State 138, Cal Lutheran 58

400 Medley Relay – 1, San Jose State C (Taylor Lehr, Natasha Moffitt, Marley Maluafiti, Kendal Guy), 4:00.90. 2, San Jose State B (Lisa Ellis, Amanda Buxbaum, Angel Van Hofwegen, Brittany Heng), 4:01.49. 3, UC Santa Cruz, 4:18.19. San Jose State Exhibition -- Team A (Brynne Beneke, Taylor Solorio, Alli Davis, Kimberlee Giggey), 4:02.90. Team D (Colleen Humel, Allyson Fellows, Brenna Bushey, Gabby Turnbull), 4:05.24.

1000 Freestyle – 1, Riley Spitser, San Jose State, 10:39.08. 2, Krystal Feri, UC Santa Cruz, 11:16.21. 3, Ellen Curry, UC Santa Cruz, 11:42.36.

200 Freestyle 1, Allis Davis, San Jose State, 1:57.77. 2, Kendal Guy, San Jose State, 2:00.49. 3, Katie Kochalko, Cal Lutheran, 2:02.47.

50 Freestyle – 1, Kimberlee Giggey, San Jose State, 24.82. 2, Brittany Heng, San Jose State, 24.86. 3, Marley Maluafiti, San Jose State, 25.36. San Jose State Exhibition – Angel Van Hofwegen, 25.76.

100 Individual Medley – 1, Colleen Humel, San Jose State, 59.96. 2, Taylor Solorio, San Jose State, 1:00.96. 3, Taylor Lehr, San Jose State, 1:01.96. San Jose State Exhibition – Brenna Bushey, 1:04.60. Amanda Buxbaum, 1:03.11. Alli Davis, 1:03.27. Allyson Fellows, 1:06.28.

1-Meter Springboard – 1, Cari Reiswig, San Jose State, 301.75. 2, Kylie Fonseca, San Jose State, 293.59. 3, Megan Au, San Jose State, 257.35. San Jose State Exhibition – Eri Tamada, 210.70.

100 Butterfly – 1, Colleen Humel, San Jose State, 58.40. 2, Marley Maluafiti, San Jose State, 1:00.08. 3, Alexia Rojas, Cal Lutheran, 1:01.50. Other San Jose State Finishers – 4, Gabby Turnbull, 1:03.06.

100 Freestyle – 1, Brynne Beneke, San Jose State, 54.95. 2, Brittany Heng, San Jose State, 55.55. 3, Kimberlee Giggey, San Jose State, 56.39. San Jose State Exhibition – Kendal Guy, 57.02.

100 Backstroke – 1, Lisa Ellis, San Jose State, 1:00.96. 2, Riley Spitser, San Jose State, 1:01:80. 3, Kiara Calayag, UC Santa Cruz, 1:02.60.

500 Freestyle – 1, Allyson Fellows, San Jose State, 5:18.37. 2, Kelley Henderson, UC Santa Cruz, 5:24.55. 3, Gabby Romaro, Cal Lutheran, 5:25.35

3-Meter Springboard – 1, Amanda Gritsfield, UC Santa Cruz, 199.50. 2, Taylor Tubbs, UC Santa Cruz, 108.25.

100 Breaststroke – 1, Jenna Riley, UC Santa Cruz, 1:12.22. 2, Kathrine Arnold, UC Santa Cruz, 1:12.33. 3, Emily Albuagh, UC Santa Cruz, 1:18.83. San Jose State Exhibition – Natasha Moffitt, 1:07.47. Amanda Buxbaum, 1:07.93. Taylor Solorio, 1:08.41.

200 Freestyle Relay – 1, Cal Lutheran A, 1:44.36. 2, UC Santa Cruz A, 1:50.70. 3, UC Santa Cruz B, 1:53.84. San Jose State Exhibition – Team B (Riley Spitser, Taylor Solorio, Taylor Lehr, Allyson Fellows), 1:41.05. Team C (Gabby Turnbull, Marley Maluafiti, Kendal Guy, Colleen Humel) 1:41.16. Team A (Brynne Beneke, Angel Van Hofwegen, Alli Davis, Lisa Ellis) 1:41.52.