Spartans Rout Fresno State On Senior Day

Riley Spitser finished first in the 500 and 1000 free.
Jan. 31, 2015

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San Jose, Calif. – The San José State women’s swimming and diving team completed its 2014-15 home schedule defeating Fresno State, 212-86, Saturday at The Aquatics Center on Senior Day.

“Today’s just a special day,” said head coach Sage Hopkins. “It’s a special day for the team, the coaches, and certainly for our seniors. Everyone is very proud of our seniors and what they have accomplished during the last four years and it’s great to send them out with such a resounding victory.”

San José State (10-1) took first-place in 14 out of 16 events during the meet against Fresno State.

“We’re very happy with the team performance,” said Hopkins. “At this point of the season we’re looking to be sharper and better week to week and we have certainly accomplished that over the past couple of weeks.”

Senior Michaela McLean finished with a first place finish in the 100 back and 100 fly, with times of 57.37 and 56.87, in her final home meet, respectively.

Riley Spitser, Allison Davis, Taylor Solorio, Dominique Yoder, and Morgan McCormick each completed the meet with a top finish.

Spitser took first in the 500 and 1000 free touching in 5:03.71 and 10:19.85, respectively. Davis placed first in the 200 free with a time of 1:53.81. Solorio placed the field in the 100 free in 52.73, while Yoder captured first in the 100 and 200 breast in 1:04.72 and 2:20.44, and McCormick took the 200 back and 200 IM with times of 2:01.36 and 2:07.20, respectively.

Freshman diver Cari Reiswig took both the one and three-meter springboard competitions scoring 269.70 and 304.36, respectively.

“I would just like the seniors to know that they are loved, respected, and will be missed beyond words and we’re so proud of them,” added Hopkins, speaking to the eight seniors in their final meet at The Aquatics Center.

San José will next compete in the Mountain West Championships beginning on Wednesday, February 18 at the Palo Alto Aquatic Center in San Antonio, Texas.

San José State – 212, Fresno State – 86
Saturday, January 31, 2015
San Jose, Calif. – The Aquatics Center

200 Medley Relay
1. San José State “A” (McCormick, Yoder, McLean, Beneke), 1:45.49; 2. San José State “B” (Humel, Solorio, Robinson, Bruni); 4. San José State “C” (Ellis, Johnson, Smith, Nelson), x1:49.41; 7. San José State “D” (Heng, Nakamoto, Slaught, Miller), x1:51.64

1000 Free
1. Riley Spitser (SJSU), 10:19.85; 3. Allyson Fellows (SJSU), 10:34.47; 4. Michelle Berry (SJSU), 10:37.63;

200 Free
1. Allison Davis (SJSU), 1:53.81; 2. Brooke Hammond (SJSU), 1:54.99; 3. Amber Nelson (SJSU), 1:55.32; 6, Morgan Miller (SJSU), x1:57.80

100 Back
1. Michaela McLean (SJSU), 57.37; 2. Morgan Miller (SJSU), 57.59; 5. Haley Smith (SJSU), 59.98; 6. Colleen Humel (SJSU), x59:71; --Lisa Ellis (SJSU), x1:00.88; --Brittany Heng (SJSU), x1:02.79

100 Breast
1. Dominique Yoder (SJSU), 1:04.72; 2. Taylor Solorio (SJSU), 1:05.69; 3. Jenner Johnson (SJSU), 1:06.60; 4. Amanda Buxbaum (SJSU), x1:06.69; --Shannon Salught (SJSU), x1:09.16

200 Fly
1. Tarryn Rennie (Fresno State), 2:06.05; 2. Kayla Nakamoto (SJSU), 2:06.37; 6. Cassandra Penrose (SJSU), 2:14.65

50 Free
1. Leah Hatayama (Fresno State), 24.10; 2. Brynne Beneke (SJSU), 24.24; 3. Michaela McLean (SJSU), 24.30; 4. Christina Bruni (SJSU), 24.47; 6. Angel Van Hofwegen (SJSU), x24:91; --Lynea Baudino (SJSU), x24.48

3-meter Diving
1. Cari Reiswig (SJSU), 304.36; 4. Marissa O’Quinn (SJSU), 217.95

100 Free
1. Taylor Solorio (SJSU), 52.73; 2. Brynne Beneke (SJSU), 52.79; 3. Christina Bruni (SJSU), 53.36; 5. Amber Nelson (SJSU), x53.62; --Allison Davis (SJSU), x53.52; --Brittany Heng (SJSU), x55:48; Lynea Baudino (SJSU), x55:51

200 Back
1. Morgan McCormick (SJSU), 2:01.36; 3. Colleen Humel (SJSU), 2:04.45; 5. Morgan Miller (SJSU), 2:10.39; 6. Haley Smith (SJSU), x2:10.43; --Lisa Ellis (SJSU), x2:10.70

200 Breast
1. Dominique Yoder (SJSU), 2:20.44; 3. Michelle Berry (SJSU), 2:21.25; 4. Amanda Buxbaum (SJSU), 2:24.15; 6. Jenner Johnson (SJSU), x2:26.07; --Shannon Slaught (SJSU), x2:29.41

500 Free
1. Riley Spitser (SJSU), 5:03.71; 2. Brooke Hammond (SJSU), 5:10.82; 3. Allyson Fellows (SJSU), 5:11.70;

100 Fly
1. Michaela McLean (SJSU), 56.87; 2. Angel Van Hofwegen (SJSU), 58.23; 3. Kayla Nakamoto (SJSU), 58.54; 4. Cassidy Robinson (SJSU), x59.05

1-meter Diving
1. Cari Reiswig (SJSU), 269.70; 4. Marissa O’Quinn (SJSU), 209.63

200 IM
1. Morgan McCormick (SJSU), 2:07.20; 2. Colleen Humel (SJSU), 2:10.71; 5. Allison Davis (SJSU), 2:11.13; 8. Haley Smith (SJSU), x2:13.72; --Amanda Buxbaum (SJSU), x2:12.93; Cassandra Penrose (SJSU), x2:20.17

200 Free Relay
1. San José State “A” (Bruni, Beneke, Spitser, Van Hofwegen), 1:36.51; 3. San José State “B” (Nakamoto, Nelson, Hammond, Solorio), 1:38.51; 5. San José State “C” (Ellis, Heng, Johnson, Cable), x1:41.11