Swimming Wins Their Seventh Straight Meet Against Cal State East Bay

Jan. 18, 2014

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 San José, Calif. --- The San José State University women's swimming team secured their seventh dual meet win after defeating Cal State East Bay (5-4) 147-98. 

The Spartans (7-2) placed first in 11 out of 14 events before exhibitioning the last three races. 

"We were pleased with today's performance," said head coach Sage Hopkins. "We went in with a goal of working on a variety of different things and I think we did a nice job achieving that goal"

Seniors Darcie Anderson and Erika Harvey each placed first in two individual events throughout the competition. 

Anderson's first win came in the 100 breaststroke as she finished with a time of 1:05.40. She later placed first in the 200 breast with a final time of 2:20.74. She also swam a leg on the winning 200 medley relay team. 

Harvey had back-to-back finishes in the 50 and 100 free with times of 23.93 and 53.40, respectively. 

Other first place finishers for the Spartans were juniors Haley Smith, Michaela McLean, and Kayla Nakamoto, sophomore Riley Spitser, and freshmen Taylor Solorio, and Allyson Fellows

"We are very excited for our lupcoming competitions between Nevada and Fresno and the conference championships next month." concluded Hopkins. 

On Saturday, January 25, San José State recognizes their four seniors in their last home dual meet of the season against Nevada. The meet begins at 12:00 p.m. (PT) at the Aquatics Center on San José State's campus.

San José State , Cal State East Bay

San José, Calif.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Final Results:


200 Medley Relay

  1. San José State "A" (Mclean, Anderson, Curado, Bush), 1:47.21. 3. San José State "B" (Bruni, Moffitt, Solorio, Robinson), 1:48.66. 5. San José State "D" (Smith, Slaught, Harvey), Nelson), x1:52.99. 6. San José State "C" (Beneke, Buxbaum, Cable, Baudino), x1:55.20.

1000 Free

  1. Allyson Fellows (SJSU), 10:36.89. 3. Kayla Nakamoto (SJSU), 11:04.12.

 200 Free

  1. Taylor Solorio (SJSU), 1:56.66. 2. Taylor Curado (SJSU), 1:57.01. 3. Christina Bruni (SJSU), 1:57.26. --- Brooke Hammond (SJSU), x1:57.82. --- Morgan Miller (SJSU), x2:00.06. --- Riley Spitser (SJSU), DQ.


100 Back

  1. Michaela McLean (SJSU), 58.88. 5. Lisa Ellis (SJSU), 1:02.39.


100 Breast

  1. Darcie Anderson (SJSU), 1:05.40. 2. Natasha Moffit (SJSU), 1:07.01. 5. Amanda Buxbaum (SJSU), 1:08.58. 7. Shannon Slaught (SJSU), x1:11.07. --- Cassidy Robinson (SJSU), x1:07.86. --- Michelle Berry (SJSU), x1:08.72. --- Alysha Bush (SJSU), x1:09.39. --- Haley Smith (SJSU), x1:13.45.


200 Butterfly

  1. Kayla Nakamoto (SJSU), 2:10.90. 2. Alli Davis (SJSU), 2:11.78. 3. Alyssa Cable (SJSU), 2:11.99.

50 Free

  1. Erika Harvey (SJSU), 23.93. 3. Alysha Bush (SJSU), 24.29. 5. Amber Nelson (SJSU), 25.59.


100 Free

  1. Erika Harvey (SJSU), 53.40. 4. Cassidy Robinson (SJSU), 54.36. 5. Michaela McLean (SJSU), 55.03. 6. Taylor Curado (SJSU), x55.90. --- Taylor Solorio (SJSU), x53.79. --- Allison Davis (SJSU), x54.98. --- Amber Nelson (SJSU), x55.42.

200 back

  1. Haley Smith (SJSU), 2:08.19. 2. Brynne Beneke (SJSU), 2:10.16. 3. Christina Bruni (SJSU), 2:10.31.6. Morgan Miller (SJSU), x2:18.94. --- Riley Spitser (SJSU), x2:14.61.


200 Breast

  1. Darcie Anderson (SJSU), 2:20.74. 2. Amanda Buxbaum (SJSU), 2:25.24. 3. Michelle Berry (SJSU), 2:25.48. 5. Natasha Moffitt (SJSU), x2:27.76. --- Shannon Slaught (SJSU), x2:34.67.


500 Free

  1. Riley Spitser (SJSU), 5:12.19.


100 Fly

  1. Brittany Rojo (CSEB), 58.54. --- Taylor Curado (SJSU), x58.41. --- Alyssa Cable (SJSU), x59.50. --- Darcie Anderson (SJSU), x1:00.08. --- Shannon Slaught (SJSU), x1:01.68. --- Kayla Nakamoto (SJSU), x1:02.80. --- Amanda Buxbaum (SJSU), x1:04.38. --- Lisa Ellis (SJSU), x1:07.65.


400 IM

  1. Alyssa Tenney (CSEB), 4:40.61. --- Michelle Berry (SJSU), x4:36.10. --- Allyson Fellows (SJSU), x4:42.07. --- Morgan Miller (SJSU), x4:50.82.


400 Freestyle Relay

     1.  Cal State East Bay "A", 3:35.33. --- San Jose State "A" (Bruni, Nelson, Nakamoto, Harvey), x3:36.52. --- San José State "B" (Hammond, Davis, Berry, Bush), x3:36.77. --- San José State "C" (McLean, Cable, Ellis, Solorio), x3:41.94. --- San José State "D" (Beneke, Smith, Baudino, Spitser), x3:43.91.