Palassou & Jacobsen Win Sand Volleyball Pairs Three-Way Tournament

Lauren Jacobsen was one half of San Jose State's winning pair.

April 11, 2014

Saratoga, Calif.----- San Jose State University junior McKenzie Palassou and freshman Lauren Jacobsenwent undefeated as a duo to win a three-team sand volleyball pairs tournament at West Valley College.

Teaming for the first time this season, Palassou and Jacobsen won their three matches in pool play and three more matches against teams from Cabrillo College in Aptos and Monterey Peninsula College to capture the championship. The Spartan pair, playing in the #2-slot, was the first to 21 points in the one-set matches against the #1-teams from Cabrillo in the semifinal and Monterey Peninsula College in the championship match.

"The biggest thing for them was they served really tough today. That made a huge difference. As I told them, it wasn't just that they served tough. Even if they missed a serve, they came back and served tough again," said San Jose State sand volleyball head coach Aaron Shepardsonabout his victorious twosome.

"They kept the pressure on with their serve, played a steady side-out game and their set was under control. They never got real frantic and never had to scramble too far to keep the ball in play."

Overall, San Jose State's five pairs won 13 of 24 matches. The Spartans' #3-combo of Lindsay Skadeland and Cori O'Donoghue was 4-2. One of their wins was against San Jose State's #1-pair of Tyanna Roy and Kiely Pieperin the quarterfinals of single-elimination bracket play. Roy and Pieper went 2-2.

Lyndsay Albiani and Felicia Segura playing at #5 were 1-3 and Brittney Diffinè and Sabrina Webbwere 0-4 at #4.

"Pairs is not a team event. It's every pair for themselves out there. There is no team win or team loss in a pairs event. We had a team, Lauren and McKenzie, go all the way to win the tournament today," said the Spartans head coach about the team's first tangible success after an 0-10 start in dual-match competition.

"I think every team needs some breathing room especially when they're young and inexperienced. It's always important to get some wins so you're not always going away with a losing feeling. We tried to focus all year on just improving our game. Of course, they are feeling good about getting some victories."

The Spartans conclude their first season next week with another exhibition pairs tournament at West Valley College on Friday, April 18, starting at 10:00 a.m., and dual matches with host Sacramento State and Cal on Saturday, April 19. The Sacramento State dual starts at 11:00 a.m. and the match with Cal has a 2:00 p.m. start time.

San Jose State University sand volleyball
Exhibition pairs tournament
West Valley College, Saratoga, Calif.
April 11, 2014

Pool Play records
1. Tyanna Roy & Kiely Pieper 2-1
2. McKenzie Palassou & Lauren Jacobsen 3-0
3. Lindsay Skadeland & Cori O'Donoghue 2-1
4. Brittney Diffinè & Sabrina Webb 0-3
5. Lyndsay Albiani & Felicia Segura 1-2
Championship bracket records
McKenzie Palassou & Lauren Jacobsen 3-0
Lindsay Skadeland & Cori O'Donoghue 2-1
Tyanna Roy & Kiely Pieper 0-1
Brittney Diffinè & Sabrina Webb 0-1
Lyndsay Albiani & Felicia Segura