Two Sand Pairs Victorious At Sacramento State Tournament

April 3, 2015

Sacramento, Calif.-- Two San José State sand volleyball pairs were victorious Friday afternoon as the Spartans played against Sacramento State and Boise State at the Sacramento State Tournament held at the Sacramento Softball Complex.

The Spartans faced the Hornets in the first match of the day. Spartans Allison Meehan and Jamie Hirai recorded their first win of the season. The pair defeated Hornets Shannon Boyle and Lauren Kissell 21-13, 17-21, 15-11, in the number-three position. Meehan and Hirai recorded the only win for the Spartans as they fell 4-1 to Sacramento State.

Another two Spartan pairs took their matches to three sets. Bre Moreland and Nandyala Gama won the first set of their match 21-16, before falling to Kayla Beal and Morgan Stanley, 21-17 and 15-9. Sara Hibbs and Yavianliz Rosado also extended their match to three sets, losing the first 21-15, winning the second 21-13, and falling in the final set 16-14.

The other Spartan pairs fell in straight sets -- Summer Avery and Julie Sam, 21-14, 21-15; and Breann Robinson and Samantha Pereira, 21-11, 21-8.

San José State fell 4-1 to the Broncos in the second dual of the day. Hibbs and Rosado won the only Spartan point with a straight-set victory over Taylor Murphey and Laney Hayes -- 21-18, 21-6. Moreland and Gama again went three set but fell, 21-16, 17-21, 15-5.

The other three Spartan pairs fell in straight sets -- Avery and Sam, 21-14, 25-23; Meehan and Hirai, 21-17, 21-12; and Robinson and Narjit Briana 21-11, 21-13.

San José State competes next at the Sand Volleyball Showcase on April 18 in Queens Beach, Hawaii. The next day, the Spartans face Grand Canyon in duals to be played in Honolulu.

Sacramento State Tournament

Sacramento Softball Complex

Sacramento State 4, San José State 1

  1. Kayla Beal/Morgan Stanley (SAC) def. Bre Moreland/Nandyala Gama (SJS) 16-21, 21-17, 15-9
  2. Madeline Cannon/Lexie Skalbeck (SAC) def. Summer Avery/Julie Sam (SJS) 21-14, 21-15
  3. Allison Meehan/Jamie Hirai (SJS) def. Shannon Boyle/Lauren Kissell (SAC) 21-13, 17-21, 15-11
  4. Lauren Aikels/Hannah Meadows (SAC) def. Sara Hibbs/Yavianliz Rosado (SJS) 21-15, 13-21, 16-14
  5. Kennedy Kurtz/Brigitte Meadows (SAC) def. Breann Robinson/Samantha Pereira (SJS) 21-11, 21-8

Boise State 4, San José State 1

  1. Hannah Hubbard/Maddy O'Donnell (BS) def. Bre Moreland/Nandyala Gama (SJS) 21-16, 17-21, 15-5
  2. Sarah Baugh/Sierra Nobley (BS) def. Summer Avery/Julie Sam (SJS) 21-14, 25-23
  3. Katelyn Kinghorn/Aly Duffin (BS) def. Allison Meehan/Jamie Hirai (SJS) 21-17, 21-12
  4. Sara Hibbs/Yavianliz Rosado (SJS) def. Taylor Murphey/Laney Hayes (BS) 21-18, 21-6
  5. Maddi Osburn/Jaymee-Lee Bulda (BS) def. Breann Robinson/Narjit Briana (SJS) 21-11, 21-13

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