Sand Volleyball Falls 5-0 At Stanford

Sara Hibbs (pictured) and Yavianliz Rosado stretched both sets over the 21-point threshold.
April 1, 2015

Stanford, Calif.--The San José State sand volleyball team fell at Stanford, 5-0, Wednesday afternoon at the Stanford Sand Volleyball Stadium.

Two Spartan pairs played tough in their matches. Nandyala Gama and Bre Moreland lost 21-18, 22-20, to Lauren Birks and Brittany Howard. Sara Hibbs and Yavianliz Rosado played two tight sets before losing 22-20, 25-23 to Inky Ajanaku and Grace Kennedy.

Other San José State pairs included Jamie Hirai and Allison Meehan who fell 21-15, 21-15 to Madi Bugg and Ivana Vanjak; Summer Avery and Julie Sam who fell 21-13, 21-13 to Jordan Burgess and Meret Lutz; and Samantah Pereira and Breann Robinson who lost 21-18, 21-5 to Kelsey Humphreys and Catherine Raquel.

"Overall, this match was a good experience for us," said Spartan head coach Aaron Shepardson. "We did some nice things even if we did not win a set. We forced timeouts and extended some sets. Bre and Nandyala played really close against Stanford, and we got a nice showing from Sara and Yavianliz.



"We were really pleased with our focus, energy and desire during the matches. We are young and inexperienced, and you can't get around that. The ladies are working hard everyday and learning to push through the sticking points. Soon, the hard work will pay off with winning sets, matches and duals."

The Spartans play two matches Friday afternoon in Sacramento. The team faces Sacramento State at 2 p.m., followed by Boise State at 5 p.m. All matches are played at the Sacramento Softball Complex, located at 3450 Longview Drive. Admission is free.

Stanford 5, San José State 0
1) Lauren Birks/Brittany Howard (STAN) def. Nandyala Gama/Bre Moreland (SJSU), 21-18, 22-20
2) Madi Bugg/Ivana Vanjak (STAN) def. Jamie Hirai/Allison Meehan (SJSU), 21-15, 21-15
3) Jordan Burgess/Merete Lutz (STAN) def. Summer Avery/Julie Sam (SJSU), 21-13, 21-13
4) Inky Ajanaku/Grace Kennedy (STAN) def. Sara Hibbs/Yavianilz Rosado (SJSU), 22-20, 25-23
5) Kelsey Humphreys/Catherine Raquel (STAN) def. Samantha Pereira/Breann Robinson (SJSU), 21-18, 21-5

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