Sand Volleyball Drops Duals to California & Pacific On Sunday

Julie Sam (pictured) and Breann Robinson went three sets against the pair from Pacific.
March 15, 2015

Berkeley, Calif.--The San José State sand volleyball team dropped a pair of duals on Sunday to California, 5-0, and #8 Pacific, 8-0, in Berkeley.

Against California, Bre Moreland and Nandyala Gama won the first set 21-16 over Sarah Cole and Emily Lunt. The Spartans then fought over the next two sets but fell 21-17, 15-12.

The four other Spartan pairs were swept - Allison Meehan and Jamie Hirai 21-17, 21-15; Summer Avery and Yavianliz Rosado 21-12, 21-13; Breann Robinson and Julie Sam 21-14, 21-14; and Sara Hibbs and Samantha Pereira 21-10, 21-9.

San José State then faced #8 Pacific and was swept 5-0. Three Spartan teams went three sets with the two Tigers pairs. Moreland and Gama lost the first se 22-20, but then came back to win 21-16 to force a third set which the Tiger pair won 15-3.

Meehan and Hirai went three sets as well with Tiger pair Megan Birch and Anne-Sophie Bauer. The Spartans won the first set 25-23, before falling 21-14, 14-5.



Robinson and Sam went three sets with Alicja Wilk and Kimmy Whitson. The Tigers won the first set, 21-16, before the Spartans rallied in set two 23-21 to force a third set won by Wilk and Whitson 15-9.

The other Spartan pairs fell in straight sets - Avery and Rosado 23-21, 21-16; Hibbs and Pereira 23-21, 21-13.

"We are learning each day a little more about how to win," said Spartan head coach Aaron Shepardson. "We faced Pacific, the top team in our region and #8 in the country and pushed them to three sets in three of our matches.

"We are starting to win many sets which we need to do before we learn how to win matches. We need to learn to keep a dominating attitude if we win the first set."

The Spartans play two dual matches this Wednesday at Piper Park in Larkspur. San José State faces San Francisco at 9:30 a.m., followed by Saint Mary's at 12:30 p.m.

California 5, San José State 0

1. Sarah Cole/Emily Lunt (Cal) def. Bre Moreland/Nandyala Gama (SJS) 16-21, 21-17, 15-12

2. Bryce Bark/Emily Shults def. Allison Meehan/Jamie Hirai (SJS) 21-17, 21-15

3. Allison Leong/Inanna Eshoo (Cal) def. Summer Avery/Yavianliz Rosado (SJS) 21-12, 21-13

4. Ashley Johnson/Katie Regaia (Cal) def. Breann Robinson/Julie Sam 21-14, 21-14

5. Sammy Furlan/Sabrina Blackwell (Cal) def. Sara Hibbs/Samantha Pereira (SJS) 21-10, 21-9

#8 Pacific 5, San José State 0

1. Lexi Elman/Kat Schulz (PAC) def. Bre Moreland/Nandyala Gama (SJS) 20-22, 21-16, 15-3

2. Megan Birch/Anne-Sophie Bauer (PAC) def. Allison Meehan/Jamie Hirai (SJS) 23-25, 21-14, 15-5

3. Mia Feiner/Gillian Howard (PAC) def. Summer Avery/Yavianliz Rosado (SJS) 23-21, 21-16

4. Alicja Wilk/Kimmy Whitson (PAC) def. Breann Robinson/Julie Sam (SJS) 21-16, 21-23, 15-9

5. Taylor Poncetta/Andie Shelton (PAC) def. Sara Hibbs/Samantha Pereira (SJS) 23-21, 21-13

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