Moreland & Gama Victorious For Sand Volleyball

Bre Moreland teamed with Nandyala Gama for the Spartan victory.
March 14, 2015

Sacramento, Calif.-- Bre Moreland and Nandyala Gama recorded their first win of the season for the San José State sand volleyball team on Saturday. The Spartans fell to host Sacramento State, 4-1, at the Sacramento Softball Complex.

Moreland and Gama need three sets for the win over Sacramento State's Kayla Beal and Sloan Lovett. The Spartan pair won the first set 21-81, lost set two 21-15, and rallied to win the third set 15-13.

Two other Spartan matches went three sets on the day. Jamie Hirai and Allison Meehan lost the first set, 21-19, but rallied to win the second set, 21-19, before falling to Madeline Cannon and Morgan Stanley 15-11.

Breann Robinson and Julie Sam also took Hornet pair Lauren Aikels and Lauren Kissell to three sets. The Hornets won the first set 21-11, before Robinson and Sam won 21-15 in the second set. The third set went to the Hornets, 15-11.

Summer Avery and Yavianliz Rosado fell to Shannon Boyle and Lexie Skalbeck, 21-17, 21-8, while Sara Hibbs and Samantha Pereira fell 21-12, 21-0, to Brigitte Murdock and Kennedy Kurtz.

"We are encouraged by much of the play we saw out there," said Spartan head coach Aaron Shepardson. "Bre and Nandyala showed us how to battle through some ups and down and hang in there for a victory. We were also glad to see steps forward from Alli and Jamie who just came up short, yet kept a steady mindset throughout their match.

"Our team is growing everyday as competitors and in unity. We need to remain hungry for progress every day we step on the sand."



The Spartans play two duals on Sunday at Cal - 10 a.m. against host California and 1 p.m. against Pacific.

Sacramento State 4, San José State 1
Played at the Sacramento Softball Complex

1. Bre Moreland/Nandyala Gama (SJS) def. Kayla Beal/Sloan Lovett (SAC), 21-18, 15-21, 15-13
2. Madeline Cannon/Morgan Stanley (SAC) def. Jamie Hirai/Allison Meehan (SJS), 21-19, 19-21, 15-11
4. Shannon Boyle/Lexie Skalbeck (SAC) def. Summer Avery/Yavianliz Rosado (SJS), 21-17, 21-8
3. Lauren Aikels/Lauren Kissell (SAC) def. Breann Robinson/Julie Sam (SJS), 21-11, 15-21, 15-11
5. Brigitte Murdock/Kennedy Kurtz (SAC) def. Sara Hibbs/Samantha Pereira (SJS), 21-12, 21-10