Spartans Debut Sand Volleyball At Pacific

McKenzie Palassou is one of 10 members of the sand volleyball team.

March 8, 2014

Click here for an interview with head coach Aaron Shepardson.

Stockton, Calif.-----San Jose State University debuted its latest NCAA Division I sports program when the sand volleyball team played its first two matches at the three-team University of the Pacific tournament at Klein Field.

The Spartans lost 5-0 to Santa Clara in their opener and 5-0 to host Pacific in the second half of its doubleheader.

Head coach Aaron Shepardsonused nine different combinations out of a possible 10 for San Jose State's first competitive event.

Tyanna Roy, Megan Powers, Kiely Pieper, Lauren Jacobsen, Cori O'Donoghue, Lindsay Skadeland and Brittney Diffineare seven Spartans making the transition from the indoor team last fall to the two-person outdoor game this spring.

The Spartans will be back in action, Wednesday, March 12, in a return match with Santa Clara at Los Gatos High School.

San Jose State University sand volleyball
Klein Field, Stockton, Calif.
March 8, 2014
Santa Clara (1-0) 5, San Jose State (0-1) 0
1. Taylor Milton & Nikki Hess (SCU) def. Tyanna Roy & McKenzie Palassou (SJSU)
21-13, 21-13
2. Danielle Rottman & Sabrina Clayton (SCU) def. Megan Powers & Kiely Pieper(SJSU)
21-11, 19-21, 15-7
3. GiGi Cresto & Taylor Dayton (SCU) def.  Lauren Jacobsen & Cori O'Donoghue (SJSU)
21-14, 21-19
4. Sarah Vaccaro & Madison Dutra (SCU) def. Lindsay Skadeland & Brittney Diffinè (SJSU)
21-14, 21-8
5. Katy Schatzman & Lacey Maas (SCU) def. Sabrina Webb & Felicia Segura (SJSU)
21-7, 21-11
Pacific (2-0) 5 , San Jose State (0-2) 0
1. Kat Schulz & Lexi Elman (UOP) def. Tyanna Roy & Kiely Pieper (SJSU)
21-12, 21-8
2. Anne-Sophie Bauer & Kimmy Whitson (UOP) def. Megan Powers & McKenzie Palassou (SJSU)
21-10, 21-16
3. Mia Feiner & Gillian Howard (UOP) def. Lauren Jacobsen & Brittney Diffinè (SJSU) 21-10, 21-13
4. Hanna Levanen & Alicia Wilk (UOP) def. Lindsay Skadeland & Cori O'Donoghue(SJSU)
21-15, 21-9
5. Megan Birch & Katy Tagart (UOP) def. Sabrina Webb & Felicia Segura(SJSU)
21-7, 21-8