Spartan Student-Athletes Donning Caps & Gowns This Saturday

May 19, 2015

With finals in full swing and the 2014-15 school year winding down, the San José State University Athletics Department is proud to announce that over 100 student-athletes, athletic trainers and staff members are eligible to receive their degrees at this Saturday's commencement ceremony at Spartan Stadium.

Those participating in Saturday's ceremony received their degree either in August 2014, December 2014 or May 2015. Ninety-nine (99) student-athletes, trainers and staff are receiving their bachelor's degree, 13 are receiving a master's degree and five are receiving teaching credentials.

The following student-athletes are graduating with honors.

Cum Laude (3.50-3.69 cumulative GPA)

Cami Guyer, justice studies

McColl Matthews, kinesiology

Aylin Mejia, health science

Amber Nelson, biomedical engineering

Marcus Rogers, journalism

Victoria Smith, communicative disorders & sciences

Dani Styles, business (finance)

Sabrina Webb, health science

Jessica Willett, kinesiology

Magna Cum Laude (3.70-3.84 cumulative GPA)

Isadora Busch, advertising

Michelle Cox, business (accounting)

Ta'Rea Cunnigan, psychology

Gabrielle Kambur, business (international studies)

Allison Kimura, kinesiology

Summa Cum Laude (3.85-4.00 cumulative GPA

Breanna Garcia, psychology

Rebecca Garcia, psychology

Some of our future graduates will be featured later this week on www.sjsuspartans.comas they talk about their experiences at San José State.

2015 Master's Degree Graduates

Name Department/Sport Degree-Major
Garrett Cuffel Marketing M.A. - Kinesiology
Cheryl Freitas Marketing/Softball M.A. - Kinesiology
Arthur Gilbreath Football M.B.A
Jessica Glauser Sports Medicine M.A. - Kinesiology
Reuben Hasani Football M.P.A - Public Administration
Amy Kilby Women's Swimming & Diving M.S. - Speech Pathology
Neal McIvor Sports Medicine M.A. - Kinesiology
Jon Meyer Football M.B.A
Meghann Pederson Women's Water Polo M.A. - Kinesiology
Kalei Soller Sports Medicine M.A. - Kinesiology
Eric Thomason Football M.A. - Kinesiology
Dominic Urrutia Media Relaitons M.A. - Kinesiology
Courtney Zellmer Volleyball M.S. - Speech Pathology

2015 Undergraduate Honorees

Name Department/Sport Degree-Major
Cottrell Hill Athletics B.S. - Kinesiology
Jessica Boston Athletic Training B.S. - Athletic Training
Rachelle Dudero Athletic Training B.S. - Athletic Training
Katie Elston Athletic Training B.S. - Athletic Training
Andrew Hasson Athletic Training B.S. - Athletic Training
Randy Kim Athletic Training B.S. - Athletic Training
Michael Nebre Athletic Training B.S. - Athletic Training
Drew Bradshaw Baseball B.A. - Communication Studies
Sheldon Daquioag Baseball B.A. - Business (Management)
Jonathan Hernandez Baseball B.A. - Communication Studies
Matt Lopez Baseball B.A. - Communication Studies
Andre Mercurio Baseball B.A. - Communication Studies
Johnny Melero Baseball B.A. - Sociology
John Oberholtzer Baseball B.A. - Communication Studies
Tyler Olivet Baseball B.A. - Communication Studies
Jacob Valdez Baseball B.A. - Communication Studies
Jaleel Williams Men's Basketball B.A. - Communication Studies
Devante Wilson Men's Basketball B.A. - Communication Studies
Ta'Rea Cunnigan Women's Basketball B.A. - Psychology
Classye James Women's Basketball B.S. - Business (Finance)
Rebecca Woodberry Women's Basketball B.S. - Business (Marketing)
Paige Collins Cheer B.A. - Child & Adolescent Development
Garrick Chan Men's Cross Country B.S. - Business (Accounting)
Matthew Stephens Men's Cross Country B.S. - Mechanical Engineering
Marissa Buckley Women's Cross Country/Track B.S. - Nutritional Science
Breanna Garcia Women's Cross Country/Track B.A. - Psychology
Rebecca Garcia Women's Cross Country/Track B.A. - Psychology
Allison Kimura Women's Cross Country/Track B.S. - Kinesiology
Aylin Mejia Women's Cross Country/Track B.S. - Health Science (Gerontology)
Agnes Portal Women's Cross Country/Track B.A. - Psychology
Esston Al-Uqdah Football B.A. - Communication Studies
Alex Anastasi Football/Soccer B.A. - Communication Studies
Sean Bacon Football B.A. - Communication Studies
Keith Bendixen Football B.S. - Kinesiology
Doug Blacksill Football B.A. - Communication Studies
Adrian Blake Football B.A. - Sociology
Daniel Bradbury Football B.A. - Communication Studies
Adonis Davis Football B.A. - Psychology
Austen Fales Football B.A. - Psychology
Nate Falo Football B.A. - Art (Studio Practice)
Dasheon Frierson Football B.A. - Communication Studies
Garrett Guanella Football B.A. - Communication Studies
Ryan Harper Football B.A. - Business (Finance)
Christian Hill Football B.A. - Communication Studies
Alvin Jelks Football B.A. - Communication Studies
Chris Kearney Football B.A. - Communication Studies
K.C. Pearce Football B.A. - Communication Studies
Shannon Penn Football B.A. - Communication Studies
Tony Popovich Football B.A. - Communication Studies
Marcus Rogers Football B.S. - Journalism
Jeff Telles Football B.S. - Kinesiology
Jordan Thiel Football B.A. - Communication Studies
Sam Tomlitz Football B.A. - Communication Studies
Landon Polterock Men's Golf B.A. - Communication Studies
Rachelle Reali Women's Golf B.S. - Recreation - Management
Bekah Gher Women's Gymnastics B.A. - Behavioral Science
Cami Guyer Women's Gymnastics B.S. - Justice Studies
Gabrielle Kambur Women's Gymnastics B.S. - Business (International Studies)
Alyssa Montalban Women's Gymnastics B.S. - Kinesiology
Sabrina Webb Sand Volleyball B.S. - Health Science
Frankie Beauchamp Men's Soccer B.A. - Communication Studies
Jamison Loveless Men's Soccer B.S. - Civil Engineering
Enrique Montano Men's Soccer B.A. - Communication Studies
Alex Donaldson Women's Soccer B.S. - Health Science
McColl Matthews Women's Soccer B.S. - Kinesiology
Alex Jimenez Women's Soccer B.S. - Kinesiology
Amanda Morgan Women's Soccer B.A. - Communication Studies
Kareli Rodriguez Women's Soccer B.A. - Communication Studies
Gabriella Stange Women's Soccer B.S. - Business (Management)
Devin Caldwell Softball B.S. - Nutritional Science
Michelle Cox Softball B.S. - Business (Accounting)
Madison Fish Softball B.A. - Psychology
Jessica Garcia Softball B.A. - Sociology
Kryn Masutani Softball B.A. - Communication Studies
Berlyn Rippentrop Softball B.A. - Communication Studies
Christina Bruni Women's Swimming & Diving B.A. - Political Science
Brooke Hammond Women's Swimming & Diving B.A. - Psychology
Michaela McLean Women's Swimming & Diving B.A. - Psychology
Kayla Nakamoto Women's Swimming & Diving B.S. - Recreation
Amber Nelson Women's Swimming & Diving B.S. - Biomedical Engineering
Shannon Slaught Women's Swimming & Diving B.A. - Art (Design Studies)
Haley Smith Women's Swimming & Diving B.A. - Communication Studies
Isadora Busch Women's Tennis B.S. - Advertising
Valerie Cormier Women's Tennis B.S. - Biological Science
Cynthia Vo Women's Tennis B.A. - Communication Studies
Jessica Willett Women's Tennis B.S. - Kiesiology
Kiely Pieper Volleyball B.S. - Advertising
Orla Brazell Women's Water Polo B.S. - Business (International Studies)
Ashlea Coski Women's Water Polo B.S. - Kinesiology
Rachel Henry Women's Water Polo B.S. - Justice Studies
Katie Lind Women's Water Polo B.A. - English
Amanda Pike Women's Water Polo B.A. - Psychology
Maddie Reardon Women's Water Polo B.A. - English (Career Writing)
Morgan Small Women's Water Polo B.A. - Communication Studies
Victoria Smith Women's Water Polo B.A. - Communicative Disorders & Sciences
Dani Styles Women's Water Polo B.S. - Business (Finance)
Paige Young Women's Water Polo B.S. - Hospitality, Tourism & Event Management
Teaching Credential
Alyssa Friessen Women's Water Polo Elementary Education
Kayla Howard Cheerleading Secondary Education
Amy Kilby Women's Swimming & Diving Communicative Disorders & Sciences
Michelle Yahara Cheerleading Secondary Education
Courtney Zellmer Volleyball Speech Pathology