Q&A With Hallsie Pacheco

Hallsie Pacheco is a fourth-year senior central midfielder on the 2009 Spartan roster. The native of Lodi, Calif., and graduate of Lodi High School has appeared in 50 matches during her career, the most of any active Spartan, with 26 starts.

Hallsie is an organismal biology major with an emphasis in zoology, who hopes to attend veterinary school after graduation. We asked her to be the very first guest for our occasional website mini-feature here on SJSUSpartans.com, Women's Soccer Q&A.

1. Who are some of your favorite musical artists?
Paramore is definitely my favorite band. Their music is entertaining and fun to listen to during a rough day.

2. Any favorite movies? Do you have a favorite soccer movie?
I love anything and everything Disney! Out of all of them, I would have to say The Little Mermaid has been my all-time favorite for years. I don't really have a favorite soccer movie. It's hard to watch soccer movies, because since I play soccer, I find myself getting too antsy and wanting to play. So I never end up finishing the movie.

3. Do you have any favorite television shows?
Friends! It always makes me laugh, no matter what mood I am in!

4. What are some of your favorite foods? Do you have a pre-game meal of choice?
Before I play, I can pretty much eat anything, but my favorite food is a burrito from Chipotle!

5. What has been your favorite place you have visited thus far in your life? Any place in particular you would like to see some day?
My favorite place I have visited is Disneyland. It is fun every time I go! I would love to go to Portugal some day, to find out more about my heritage.

6. Do you follow professional soccer at all? Are there any professional soccer players who you admire?
To be honest, I really don't watch any professional soccer at all. A professional soccer player I admire though is Patrick Ianni (currently of Seattle Sounders FC of Major League Soccer). He is a Lodi native, and he used to train with me when I was in high school.

7. As someone who is interested in becoming a veterinarian, do you have a favorite type of animal? Do you have any pets now?
My favorite animals are big cats, like lions and tigers. I do have pets. One cat, and her name is Fionna.

8. You missed half of last season with an injury. Talk about being healthy again, and the upcoming opener of your fourth and final season of college soccer against Santa Clara this Friday night.
It was really tough sitting out last season, but it feels great being back and playing. We have a great team this year, and I am honored to be able to spend my last season playing with these girls. The game against Santa Clara will be a good and competitive one. It will definitely be a memorable night for me, since this is my last time to play against them.

9. How are you embracing your role as a senior team leader with so many freshmen and sophomores on this squad?
I try not to look at our team as separate classes. We all get along so well and when we play together, age and class doesn't matter. It doesn't really feel like I am playing with a younger team.

10. This program heads into its second season under Jeff Leightman. How far along do you feel you are in adapting to his style of play, and what are your goals and expectations for the Spartans in 2009?
We did have a tough time adjusting to Jeff's coaching style, but I believe we have dramatically improved as a team once we got adjusted. Our team this year is strong, and we have all worked extremely hard. This season should be a good one! I am excited to see how we do!