2009 Spartan Women's Soccer Blog 1

Senior co-captain Roxy Kamal, a San Jose native out of Presentation High School, provides the first installment of the Spartan women's soccer team's 2009 season blog. San Jose State began training camp ahead of the 2009 campaign with two sessions on Wednesday, August 5. The season opener is set for the brand-new FieldTurf inside Spartan Stadium on Friday night, August 21, against Santa Clara. Kick-off is at 7:00 p.m.

Blog Entry #1 (Wednesday, August 5)
Training Camp Begins

Going into the first day of training camp, we are all feeling really anxious and excited for what the coaches have in store for us. We have definitely made huge strides toward bettering our program in the past year and a half. We are all faster, fitter and much stronger than before, and we can't wait for the fall season to begin. We have a big bunch of incoming freshmen, and we are very pleased with how they have performed so far. They will only help to better this team and represent our program in a positive light. In finishing our first day, we are all sore, but at least we know that at the end of the day, we are all going through this and we have each other to rely on. After today's first sessions, we are tired, but eager to continue to push ourselves to become what we hope to be...WAC champions. We are by far a very dedicated group that has time and time again proven to achieve our goals, when we put our minds to something; we are out there to get it. As we are celebrating all of our achievements, both academic and on the field, we also acknowledge that we are nowhere near being done and we need to keep setting the standard higher to achieve perfection and excellence as a group.