A Graduation Story: Moniz - Child Advocate

San Jose, Calif. - Lauren Moniz has played competitive soccer since she was six years old and has learned a lot of lessons.

“I’ve learned so much from the game,” said the Santa Clarita native.  “From dedication to goal setting to practicing, not the actual practice, but doing the work without the need for a result.”

“Just because you put a lot of time and effort in to something doesn’t mean you will get the results you are hoping for.  In the end, the results you do get that may be far different from your original goal, but more valuable than you originally thought.  That lesson carries over into everyday life.  I know I will be successful because of the hard work have put in and the lessons I have learned in soccer."

"You'll be rewarded, just not always the way you thought."

Lauren, graduating with a double major in psychology and behavioral sciences, is applying the hard work she did in the classroom toward the next step in her life, an internship and then graduate school.  

“Right now I am doing an internship with Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA),” the 2009 co-captain said.  “I work with social workers, lawyers and judges, as an advocate for foster children.”

“With the experience I gain from my internship, I’ll have a good idea of which direction I want to go in when I apply for grad school in December.  It will be social work or the law.  I’m not really interested in being a lawyer.  My interest is in changing the law as it relates to families and the treatment of foster children in the system.”

Contemplating where to attend college, San Jose State wasn’t even on Lauren's radar.

“I had written a few letters to schools and had gotten recruiting letters from others. I remember the day I opened the mail and the letter was from San Jose State.  I asked my mom, Where is San Jose?’

“I came on a visit and fell in love with the school.  I went on a few other visits, but this is where I felt the most comfortable.  It felt like home.  The soccer program was what originally brought me here but the academics were equally as important. 
“It was a perfect fit all the way around.  I decided to come here and have absolutely loved it.”

The San Jose State suroundings were comfortable, but the three-time San Jose State "Scholar-Athlete" wasn't sure what direction she wanted to go academically.

“I have been in the psychology department since my freshman year, but did know what I wanted to do for a career.  When I was introduced the CASA program, it just felt right. The work was more hands on. You are not stuck in an office all day. You go out into the field and help your clients.  It is a lot more “in the community” and hands on work.  It was a lot more like me.”


Reflecting on her playing career, Lauren notes two moments that she she will remember as highlights...

“In chronological order, being recruited and being able to play at a Division I school is the first highlight.  My second was in my sophomore year.  We were at UC Davis and I scored.  It was a header off a cross from Murph (Cristin Murphy). 

“That were highlights for sure, but what I take out of the game, what I remember most are the people I have met and the lessons I have learned.