Gym Talk - Casey McCord

Hey Y’all Spartan Fans,

This is Casey McCord. I am a proud SJSU sophomore from Texas. Last weekend we had our annual Blue & Gold Exhibition. This is the meet that gets the SJSU students and fans pumped up for gymnastics and kicks off our competition season, we had a great crowd that came out to watch this year.

This exhibition was a little different because we invited the Stanford gymnasts to compete with us, which was a lot of fun. We have all worked so hard this fall and it paid off. The meet was awesome. We were all so pumped!! Ahhh competition season – it’s the time that we’ve been training and conditioning for all year and it’s so exciting!

We started on Vault and hit 6 for 7 including the alternate. Then we moved on to bars where we hit 6 for 7 as well. Everyone looked great and landings were looking amazing! Then we went on to beam where we only had 5 girls competing, so the pressure was on for everyone to hit. The 5 girls stepped it up and all hit their beam routines. They looked great. Our last event, floor, we hit 6 for 7 again. A couple of us have new routines, so that was exciting for us to show them off.

All in all the coaches were happy with the results of the meet and that makes the gymnasts happy as well. We know what we have to work on and will be looking forward to making those corrections.

We are all heading home for the Christmas holiday. But, we will be back in the gym training before New Year’s Day. We are feeling healthy and confident that we will have a successful season this year! We are all eager and looking forward to our 2010 competition season. Our season starts with 3 away meets but we will be home January 30th and look forward to seeing our gym filled with lots of smiling fans! Keep checking our Gym Talk and meet updates!

Until next year – GO SPARTANS!!!!!!!!

Casey McCord