Blue/Gold Exhibition Wrap-Up

Spartan gymnast Leah Bigelow wrote a wrap-up of the Blue/Gold meet for the Spartan fans.

Last night, the Spartan gymnastics team wowed the fans with an awesome preview of their upcoming season.

The annual Blue/Gold intrasquad meet was held at 4 p.m. in the Spartan Gym. The top six girls on each event performed, as well as one or two “alternates,” members of the team who are close to making lineups this year.

The vault group started us off strong with a hit one right after the other. Freshman Tiffany Louie was up first followed by sophomores Alise Blackwell and Veronica Porte. Junior Shina Cardeno went fourth and received the highest vault score of the night, a 9.85. Michelle Minotti, a junior on the team, and senior Raylyn Cardeno finished off the lineup, with Cardeno scoring a 9.8, the second highest score. Senior Danielle Johnson also exhibitioned with the hopes of making it in the vault group sometime this season.

Inspired by such a great start, the gymnasts moved on to bars. Senior Liz Major started the group off well with a solid bar set. She was followed by Louie and fellow freshman Jessica Khoshnood. Blackwell, Minotti and Porte brought the lineup to a strong finish. Our alternates, sophomore Jennifer Pizano and senior Greta Leach also hit their routines, showing off the depth we have on this event.

After bars, the Spartans relocate to the balance beam. Porte, Blackwell, Louie, and Minotti were joined by junior Leah Bigelow and freshman Kelli Fournier to perform six hit routines. With only some small bobbles and a few great saves, these girls showed the potential for an awesome beam lineup this year. Freshmen Gabby Targosz and Jessica Khoshnood also exhibitioned.

Moving on to the final event, the floor exercise, the girls were able to keep up the positive energy and show off their routines. Targosz and Louie were up first, followed by Raylyn Cardeno. Blackwell, Porte and Minotti once again dominated the second half of the floor lineup. Khoshnood and Pizano were able to show their stuff as well.

To liven up this intrasquad, former team member Adrianne Mertens announced previous competition highlights in between the girls’ performances. Several other SJSU Gymnastics alumni were in attendance, as well as parents and supporters from other Spartan teams. Gymnastics judges and club members also came to watch in order to see what the team has in store for this year.

The gymnasts want to thank everyone who came to watch and we hope that you are as psyched for the upcoming season as we are!