2012-13 Gym Talk: Allison and Amy Bellingham

Hello Spartans!

This is Allison and Amy Bellingham, twin freshmen from Irvine, California.  We're so excited be competing for the Spartans, and we're looking forward to a great freshmen year! Our first competition will be at home in the Event Center against Sacramento State, Stanford, and UC Davis.  We have been on such a journey to prepare for the upcoming season, and we can hardly wait for it to start!  

Yesterday, we had our Intersquad, which is a mock meet, against Stanford in their practice gym. This was our first competition experience with the Spartans, and it was so much fun!  Many fans and alumni came to support us, which made the experience even more exhilarating.  It was so exciting to wear a San Jose State leotard and enter the college gymnastics arena for the first time!  This team has been working so hard to prepare for competition season. We were so excited to finally be able to show off what we've been doing in the gym and we truly showed off today! The Spartans really pulled together and dominated our routines!

The team started out on bars, and we had a hit performance. All of the routines were clean, and every girl seemed confident from the moment she mounted the bar to the moment she finished her dismount. Energy was high from start to finish, and the Spartans conquered bars with a seven-for-seven hit.  Next, the team moved on to vault, where we also had a solid performance. The Spartans proved that we were well prepared for vault by making another seven-for-seven competition turns. After the completion of two successful events, our team felt energized and excited to finish the second half of the meet. Floor was third on the rotation schedule, and we continued to compete with stamina and power, hitting six out of the eight routines competed. Beam was the final event, and we went into it with the confidence that we were ready to finish as strongly as we had begun. The cheers were deafening as the final gymnast dismounted the beam and proved to opposing team and to the crowd that the Spartans could indeed hit grand a total of 27 out of 29 routines, giving us a near perfect meet.

The competition experience was invigorating, especially to us freshmen, who have never competed at a collegiate level before. We all reported at the team meeting following the meet that we enjoyed our first competition experience very much. The freshman agreed that the high energy and the opportunity to show off our skills is what made the first meet so much fun. As a team, we are looking forward to our first official meet in January and, especially based on today's performance, feel that we will be ready to take the competition by storm.

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Allison and Amy Bellingham