Gym Talk - Holly Partridge

Dear Spartan Fans,

I’ve been on this team for a little over three months now and I’m so glad to be a part of it. I love everything about it. The team is made up of 18 amazing girls who become like a big group of sisters.

We had our first intersquad on November 20th, which we all did really well in. We went in knowing we were going to hit and we did. The energy level was so much higher than it was in club, which brought everyone’s mood up even more. We came prepared and stepped up to show what we are all capable of. That was my first experience competing in college and it was a lot of fun. Hearing everyone cheering through out your routines boosts your confidence and just makes you do that much better.

Monday, during the men’s basketball game we did an exhibition during half time. We put panel mats out, along with the aero floor and an eight-incher. We started with some simpler skills, like cartwheels and back handsprings and then moved onto some harder tumbling, which the crowd absolutely loved watching.

Blue and Gold, our first competition of the season, is only 10 days away. Stanford will be coming down and we will be competing against them. The upper classman always tell me how much fun season is and I can’t wait to experience it for myself. I love the fact that your scores no longer only affect you, but they now count towards your entire team.

Being a part of this team has made college so enjoyable and I have made so many memories that will never be forgotten. These next four years are going to be four of the best years of my life. This team is truly amazing and I can tell we are going to do very well this season.


Holly Partridge