Gym Talk - November 9, 2006

Hi everyone, this is the fourth edition of Gym talk. My name is Kelli Fournier and I am a freshman from Bellevue, Washington. It has been quite a switch from club to collegiate gymnastics; it is hard to believe I am actually living this dream! The coaches have put in extra hours helping me take my bars to a higher level and creating a floor routine that I am excited to show for competition.

Although we are working hard, Wayne gives us the occasional break to have fun as a team. Monday night (before Halloween) we gathered at Wayne's house for a pumpkin carving contest and cookie decorating. We were all very excited for the carving contest because the winning class got Wednesday's practice off. The seniors won the contest with a pumpkin that proudly sported a Spartan head. Although the cookies were all creative and Halloween themed, everyone loved Casey's cookie - which she designed to look like our beloved coach, Wayne!

Tuesday was Halloween and all of us came to practice in costumes. Three of the seniors were Fanta girls and Greta was a cat. The juniors were a deck of cards and the sophomores were football players. Chantel dressed up as Avril Lavigne, who Wayne believes is her long lost twin. Since Wayne commonly confuses Shelby with Chantel, Shelby decided to confuse Wayne even more and dress up as our lovely Chantel. Even Shella and Amber sported 80's attire.

For Wednesday morning cardio we have been switching things up and are doing spinning. This has been both challenging and fun. In the gym, everyone has been working hard and putting three-quarter routines and full routines together. We will definitely be a force this year. All of us freshmen are looking forward to the start of the season.

This last week, Amber joined our coaching staff. She has brought a new enthusiasm into the gym that all of us on the team felt. She is funny and full of energy. As a team we have enjoyed her being in the gym and are looking forward to our season with her. Her corrections and experience show that she has an extensive knowledge of gymnastics and will definitely play a part in our success.

On October 21, the team went to San Francisco to participate in the breast cancer walk. We thought the walk was only going to be three miles, but it felt quite a bit longer. This idea has been true in gymnastics as well. The transition from high school to college has been harder than I had anticipated, but in the end I know that the destination will be worth the effort it took to get there.

Echoing what Chantel said in the last gym talk "team is everything and you can't break a strong team". With our excellent coaching staff, our team bonding activities and the encouragement of our fellow teammates we are becoming that strong, unified team.

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