Gym Talk - Alyssa Telles-Nolan

Dear Spartan Fans,

As a new member of the Spartan gymnastics team, I am happy to say that I love being a part of it. It has only been three months, but already these girls are my family. The coaches, Wayne, Shella, and Meghan, are all so great both inside and outside the gym.

As a team, we've done so many fun activities: the team retreat, working football games, team hikes, spirit week for homecoming, and so much more. Our team retreat, I would have to say, was one of the best weekends I've had with the team so far. We played so many fun games that helped us bond and learn to work as a team like playing telephone, making skits, and trying to fit all 19 of us onto a 4x4-foot blanket. Also, playing out on the lake was a lot of fun. Wayne and I went tubing for the first time!

For spirit week, we had a new theme to dress for each day. Monday was jungle print day, Tuesday was 80's workout clothes, Thursday was school colors and Friday each class dressed in a different color.

Just this past week, we dressed up for Halloween, had a pumpkin carving contest, and participated in a breast cancer walk. The seniors dressed up as the three blind mice, the juniors were the Fanta's, the sophomores were Care Bears, and the freshman were nerds. As for the pumpkin carving contest, the juniors ended up with the victory.

The best part of all, though, is looking back at the hundreds of pictures we took and reminiscing on the thousands of memories that were just made.

Being on the gymnastics team has given me such a sense of comfort living in a new place and entering the college life. The adjustment has been somewhat of a struggle for me with school and practice, but I know that these girls are always here for me. I am excited to experience what the rest of the year has in store for me. I know that our team will be a great success this year.


-Alyssa Telles-Nolan