Gym Talk: Freshman Katie Valleau

Hey Spartan Fans!

Welcome back to our second Gym Talk of the season. I’m Katie Valleau, a freshman from San Diego. It’s been an exciting month with a packed schedule of gym, football games, classes, study hall and team events.

Our team is truly showing off their full potential inside and outside of practice. We have begun putting together half routines on every event and are working on our sticks. Every tenth of a point counts in the sport of gymnastics, and we’re working to not give any away. The team morale has been exceptionally high these past weeks with all of the team shouting and motivating each other through routines. Team is a huge part of the Spartan Gymnastics team legacy, and the upperclassmen definitely let us know where it stood in our priorities. We are also working to become involved in our community through outside organizations. Just recently we supported the American Cancer Society by participating in a 5k “Strides Against Breast Cancer” walk.

We have all come to realize just how fast the season is approaching with Wayne’s annual “reality calendar.” With approximately only 30 more practices till our first intrasquad on December 14, everyone is working diligently to clean up their skills and give life to their routines. We hope to have a successful turnout as many of us do our best with the Spartan fans cheering us on.

This last weekend all of the girls shared their Halloween spirit by dressing up with their class to show off costumes. The freshman, all put on their bright colors to become a Crayola box of crayons, The Sophomores came together as a bunch of “Hannah Montana’s”, the Juniors each dressed up as a difference decade from the 60’s to the 90’s, and finally the Seniors dresses up as Wayne, Shella, and Megan, sporting even their littlest characteristics including, Wayne’s briefcase, Shella’s energy drink, and Megan’s leg scars.

Our team was given a little break to go crazy and have some fun with a couple of rounds of dodge ball and volleyball. I think we all learned just how much we should appreciate our talent in gymnastics, for none of us were particularly good at the ball sports.

Being the beginning of November, everyone is feeling the stress of midterms. With the anxiety of first time classes and an uneasiness of how college professors grade, I have personally found a comfort in study hall. While I was not excited to hear that as freshmen we’re required to fulfill 8 hours a week, it has truly been helpful in forcing us to study. Everyone is working really hard to achieve our top GPA goal as we have in past seasons, I know the freshman class as well as the returning upperclassmen will not let us down.

Well as you can see we are off to a busy yet exciting year. We are all really eager to keep moving forward with practices all the way up until season.

Check back soon for more gym talk with another one of our gymnastic Spartans!

Katie Valleau, Freshman