2012-13 Gym Talk: Cami Guyer

Hi there!

This is Cami Guyer, a sophomore from Seattle, Wash., here to inform you about how our super Spartans are doing both in and out of the gym!

To start off, I am very pleased to be a part of this 2012-2013 Gymnastics team! As I begin my second year as a Spartan, I am excited to see the direction that our team is headed. Last year as a freshman, I competed on beam. This year, I will be competing in the all-around. Personally, this is a huge accomplishment and I am thrilled to help the team out in any way I can. It is such a privilege to be on this team, and I can tell that everyone on the team feels the same way I do. We are working well together and looking ahead to a successful season.

We are heading into the third month of the team has trained together. All of the events are looking strong, especially our depth on vault. This year, we have all 10.0 start values, which is a huge accomplishment for the team and will be beneficial for us when season rolls around. We also have a lot of depth on floor, and will have to pick the best of the best to go on line-ups! Bars and beam are also coming along, and we have many release moves, tight form, and are sticking our dismounts. We still have much room for improvement, and need to keep on pushing; success is not a walk in the park! We have been having show days, which is when the top seven on each event get to show how hard they have been working.

Outside of the gym, we have a lot of fun team activities and in October, we carved pumpkins! The team went to the pumpkin patch, and each class picked out a pumpkin, then headed to (team captain) Cassie (Harrison)'s house to carve them! We got our creative brains thinking and spent hours carving them to perfection. My class, the sophomores, got to carve two because our class size is large; we carved Pac Man, but gave it Spartan spirit.

The gymnastics team also had a lot of fun celebrating Halloween. Each class, and the coaches, came to practice on Halloween dressed in a themed costume. Each class kept its costume a secret until Halloween, so it was fun to see what people came up with. The freshmen dressed as Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, the sophomore class were characters from Rugrats, the juniors dressed as a loofah, a soap bottle, and bubbles, and the senior class was the cast of Up! The four coaches dressed in '80s fashion. We are all very competitive with each other so the costume contest was a fun competition.

As a team, we are improving every day, looking better week after week. We have to continue to keep moving forward, and not backward. This will lead to success for the team. Follow the gymnastics team on Twitter @sjsugymnastics, and on Facebook for the latest updates and more pictures from our fun October.

Cami Guyer