Gym Talk - Gabrielle Kambur

Hey Spartan Fans!!

I'm Gabrielle Kambur, a freshman on the team, right out of the Bay Area. I am so excited to have the opportunity to be on this team and do the sport that I love with amazing people. Everyone gets along so well, and there is such great chemistry between all the girls. It is the perfect chemistry for a winning team.  Everyone is dedicated to making this an amazing season, and no one will settle for anything less!

As the preseason continues, the team is looking more and more ready to go! We are working really hard, and it is really showing in practice. For it only being the beginning of October, we are already putting skills into our routines and half routines.

This past week we had our first inter-squad. The top seven on each event performed a skill set routine, and this definitely showed how prepared we are. If we had to compete this weekend, we would have a full line up for every event starting at a 9.9 or better start value. That is really good for having two full months till season starts. We are exactly where we need to be but are always pushing for more.

It is homecoming this week! The enthusiasm and excitement is bursting out of the gym with energy and spirit higher then ever. We have chosen different themes for everyday and to start the week, it was 80's day. Everyone came into the gym with vibrant color leotards, leg warmers, headbands, side ponytails, and a determined attitude to have a great practice.

We started off the week with high energy and will continue to keep this atmosphere in the gym for the rest of the week and future weeks to come. To end the week, on Friday we will be selling programs at the football game against Hawaii. If you are coming to the game, come buy a program to support our program!

Also some up coming events that we will be participating in are the Breast Cancer Walk on October 29 and the SJSU Day of Service on November 4.

That is everything that is going on with us!

Spartan Gymnastics wishes everyone a happy holiday season.