Gym Talk: Freshman Kaysha Heck

Hello fellow Spartans!

My name is Kaysha Heck and I am a freshman and bars specialist on the team this year. It has been awhile since the last Gym Talk and I am here to update you on the latest happenings inside and outside the gym.

About a month ago, we went on our annual team retreat. For two entire days we jet skied, inner tubed, and swam. In the evenings, we participated in team bonding activities. In the end, we learned a lot about each other and one thing became very clear. We are much better gymnasts than swimmers.

As the school year began, it was exciting to see the new skills everyone learned over the summer, and the strengths this year’s freshman class of eight added. With the summer behind us, everyone came into the gym ready to work. We have officially been practicing for three and a half weeks and everyone is starting to step it up, working on major parts and putting together quality routines. Early morning conditioning and weights have been no exception. With the intensity cranked up a notch, everyone comes in motivated and ready to work hard. We expect a lot of ourselves and are determined to achieve great things this season.

Yesterday, we had our first show day of the season. Being a freshman, it was my first one ever. With everyone excited and cheering, the whole experience was quite exhilarating. Even though not everything was perfect, it showed that this year we really have something to offer.

Personally, I have enjoyed every moment of being a college gymnast. Never having participated in morning workouts or weights, I can strangely say I thoroughly enjoy the toughness they entail. In addition, coming from a club team to a collegiate team has exceeded my expectations. Gymnastics is no longer an individual sport. It is all about the team. Over the last several weeks our team has grown very close. I know I have nineteen teammates who would be there for me in a heartbeat. No matter what, I can count on them.

Outside of the gym, we have stepped it up as well. We have been diligently working towards achieving our academic goals. We want the top team GPA, with everyone above a 3.0. Each of us is committed to achieving this goal and has been hitting the books hard. In the mist of mid-terms, you can often find the freshman, as well as others, hard at work in study hall.

I am originally from Edmonds, Washington and starting college has been a huge transition. At first it was very hard. I still miss home and it has taken a lot of getting used to but I am slowly adjusting to my new environment. I enjoy being on my own and the independence it offers. I have been pleasantly surprised by the weather. Never before have I been able to wear shorts in October.

As a team, we have been here only seven weeks. We have so much untapped potential and every day we get the opportunity to improve our skills and face new and unexpected challenges. I am excited for the new adventures that lie ahead.

Until next time. SPARTANS.....PREPARE FOR GLORY!!!